How To NEVER Smudge Your Nail Polish Again {even with three coats!}

I’m not much of a nail painter, but when I do put in that extra bit of froufing effort, I like to know that my work is not going to be in vain, smudged and ruined before it even has a chance to dry. And–while watching paint dry might be a thrilling pass time for some, I’d just as soon get my nails painted and get out the door to bigger and better things…

no smudge manicure 01

But if you have already jumped on board with my fast & frugal manicure trick and update, this will be a no-brainer next level!

no smudge manicure 02

I wanted something pretty neutral, but with sparkle, so I chose a muted OPI shade and clear glitter (plus a clear top coat).

no smudge manicure 03

[This fabulous color is called Barefoot In Barcelona.]

no smudge manicure 04

Yep, I just get my fakey nails and hold them by the pull-off tabs to paint them! Then I leave them on the counter to dry and cure overnight.

no smudge manicure 05

Then come morning, they are ready to go, fully dried and smudgeless!

no smudge manicure 06


no smudge manicure 07

And I’m out the door without any stress of smudging my fresh polish, wheeeee!


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4 responses to “How To NEVER Smudge Your Nail Polish Again {even with three coats!}

  1. Hi Gina – I Love this “tip” pardon the pun!! 🙂 I tried the fake nail thing when you first shared this trick and was truly amazed at how nice they looked and loved this. The only problem is that I found my nails seem to not do well with them on consistently. I can usually only use them for a few weeks. My question is – Do you where yours all of the time and if so do you have any other tricks for how you make that work???


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