5 Ways To Make Your Favorite Makeup Last Longer

Well, we all know I am down with the thriftiness. And although I am trying to get better about seeing makeup purchases as an investment in my face I present to the world rather than an expensive and frivolous indulgence, I still like to save money where I can.

So in that vein, here are four FIVE tips to help you extend the life of your makeup:


extend makeup life mascara

Although you do not want to keep your mascara around for too long for hygeine reasons, if it starts to dry out on you, adding a few drops of saline solution (the stuff you use to rinse your contacts) with revive the mascara in a snap! Just add the drops, then when you plunge the wand, the drops will be mixed in. Your flaking, drying out mascara will be like-new again!


extend makeup life eye shadow 1

Okay, confession time: this post has been in my drafts folder for weeks because I didn’t have any broken eye shadow or blush to demonstrate this tip. so I might be the only woman on the planet who was excited when I dropped and shattered my eye shadow the other day! Quick, get me my camera!

extend makeup life eye shadow 2

If you have ever inadvertently crumbled an eye shadow or blush, there is a super simple fix: just add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press the powder back into place with a clean finger. I even did this with this green rubbing alcohol–it was all they had–and it worked like a charm! Who knew?

extend makeup life eye shadow 3

It did not seem to change the color of the white eye shadow at all. Once dry, your eye shadow or blush will be as good as new. Shazaam!


extend makeup life lip gloss 1

I am thinking of my friend Mary on this one. She’s a bit of a high end lip gloss junkie, I think. But what to do when your wand comes up dry… But you can SEE more gooey, glossy lip gold still to be had?! Oh, the injustice!

extend makeup life lip gloss 2

My friend Carrie told me that you can pry and pull that little plastic piece right out of the opening of your lip gloss tube. [You can see my teeth um, pliers marks above as I was pulling this one out.]

extend makeup life lip gloss 3

One that piece is out, you can get a lot more lip shine for your dime!


extend makeup life tube 1

Okay, this one is totally my favorite and has far-reaching implications. [Not really, but you might start seeing flattened tubes of all kinds in a new light after reading this tip.] I had heard it a long time ago but forgotten about it until my friend Carrie, again, reminded me of it.

extend makeup life tube 2

Just cut that “empty” tube in half.

extend makeup life tube 3

You might be shocked at how much product is left  in that “empty” tube! Just get at it with a q-tip! [or scoop it out with a finger?] I had plenty of primer left to last me until I got a new tube, score!

extend makeup life tube 4

And, you simply use the flattened end of the tube as a top by tucking in the other end. [Store upright.] Huzzah!


Okay, this is your bonus tip… And you might have to suppress the urge to laugh at me for this “duh” moment, but I literally gushed with joy when I realized at about midnight one night that I was actually washing off my makeup. I had become so accustomed to my makeup being pretty much completely worn off by one or two in the afternoon that I could hardly beLIEVE I still had a face on hours and hours and HOURS later! So I might actually save a small fortune over the years now, since I am only applying my makeup once each day. Who knew.

I get no kick back or compensation for saying this, but I have to rave about the three products I’m using with great success right now: a foundation primer, day radiance foundation, and translucent powder, all by Mary Kay. Going into trying MK products for the first time last year, I felt like the brand wasn’t really who I am, too old ladyish or not hip or cool enough maybe? But the results I’ve seen the past couple of months are beyond denying and just too good not to share! I don’t know if it is just one of these products or the combination of all three that makes my makeup work hard from morning until late at night, but it does.

So, the fifth way to make your makeup last longer is to actually use the right makeup! AND since I’ve been so happy with these items, I asked Carrie (the same one who shared a couple of the makeup extending tips) if she would offer my readers a discount on the primer and translucent powder so that you can try them out too, if you want! And she said yes, wheeee!

extend makeup life MK primer

She is giving CampClem readers 30% off MK Foundation Primer (I love this stuff, did I mention?) and/or MK Translucent Loose Powder… And she expanded the 30% off to include another makeup wear-extending product: the MK Finishing Spray. So if you want to get 30% off one or all of these three items, whether you are new to MK or have been using their products for years, just use the discount code “CAMPCLEM” throughout this month to snag the primer, powder, and/or spray at a 30% discount, wheeee! I love a deal! [And thanks, Carrie, for helping us save a little moula as we head into Christmas!]

Hooray, so now I feel that I’ve used my powers for good for the day. Hope some of these tips help. And be blessed, friends!


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2 responses to “5 Ways To Make Your Favorite Makeup Last Longer

  1. Gina, AWESOME blog!! So helpful! I know I LOVE to save money too & hate to waste perfectly good product that gets ‘stuck’ in the container or dispenser. I’m looking forward to hearing from your readers and will treat them ALL like the QUEENS and PRINCESSES that they are! :~)


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