Super Simple & Free No-Sew DIY Toddler Bed Skirt

If you are moving your child from a crib to a toddler bed, you are probably still using the crib quilt and fitted sheet (I’ve got an inexpensive DIY toddler flat sheet/fitted sheet set coming up one day soon), but that cute coordinating crib skirt is probably way too tall for your toddler bed.

crib to toddler bedskirt 02

And, if you are anything like us, you are using every inch of storage you can find, especially if your daughter’s room does not have a closet. So we keep Sis’s bedding under her bed.

crib to toddler bedskirt 01

Although the storage is not a total eye sore, it’s still not the prettiest bit of functionality in her otherwise adorable big girl room.

crib to toddler bedskirt 03

So, to make her crib skirt work for this shorter bed, I simply [removed the mattress and] put the skirt on like normal, then took the two sides and bottom and folded them back up on themselves. [I left the head of the bed unpinned since it’s hidden away against the wall.]

crib to toddler bedskirt 04

Then I safety pinned the folds in the middle on each side and at the two bottom corners.

crib to toddler bedskirt 05

Throw the mattress back on and shazaam! You have a perfectly custom “tailored” & free new bedskirt for your child’s toddler bed. AND a secret hiding place for extra bedding or whatever else you are wanting to stow away.

crib to toddler bedskirt 06

Much better! Also, since you are not permanently altering the bedskirt, you can still use, sell, or donate it as a crib set when your big girl or boy gets even bigger!

Okay, one more before and after:

crib to toddler bedskirt 02

crib to toddler bedskirt 05

So, anyone else out there give an old item an updated new life? Rebel against our throw-away culture with me! Wheeeeeee!


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