Evolving Kitchen: I’m Feeling BLUE {the color, that is}

Okay, SO [deep breath for long list]:

brown table and chairs

When we moved into this house six years ago, we got a dark brown wood round table and four chairs . [This is a stock photo, similar to our set.]

white round table

And they were soon painted a creamy white.

high chair cream

Then our daughter came along so she got to use the fantastic highchair I’d found for Li’l Bro and which I had painted the same creamy white. [you can read about that find here.] But eventually — *sob* — she outgrew her high chair.

1 the big furniture paint before

So hubs found a marvelous rounded rectangular table on CraigsList for a song. [That’s it there in the back during the big paint-a-thon of 2013.]

5 the big furniture paint table

Of course, it too got a coat of creamy white.

Yes, I do have a bit of a love affair with my paint sprayer.

Anyhoo, we sold the round table and inserted the “new” table in its spot.

new chair old fabric

But we still only had four chairs. So hubs found some UH-MA-ZING chairs on CraigsList for $50. They are a little country, but rock solid. When he called to ask about them and clarify if the price was “each” or “for the pair,” she said the latter. SOLD. We will spray them creamy white to form a matching “set.”

new chair new fabric

The two new arm chairs have padded seats, but those are mind-numbingly easy to refresh: Just unscrew the seats from the bottom and cover with new fabric. Staple gun in place. Reattach to chair frame. And DONE!

new chair new fabric taped

Or–ahem–blue tape in place and don’t reattach yet, in our case… Because not only do we still need to paint the chairs, but…

china cabinet antiquing corner after

…Now we’ve decided to paint the table and all six chairs the same blue as the china cabinet in the dining room. So we want to make sure we like this fabric with the blue chairs.

blue table sherwin williams drizzle

I thought about [i.e. tried to talk my hubs into] painting the chairs blue and leaving the table white (like this or this)… or the table blue and the chairs a lighter blue… But no dice. However, I stumbled across this handy dandy web tool in the selection process (above). It’s so nice to be able to see several different shades of the same hue! And, if I’m buying my paint elsewhere, I have all the info I need to have it mixed right up!

But anyhoo, I digress.

Umm… Can we just radically change subjects for a moment?

sanded chair 1

What this post originally was going to be about was another sanding frenzy.

sanded chair 3

Seriously, if my sprayer and some sandpaper had an arm wrestling match to see who would win my heart, it might be a toss up. I started sanding the table and chairs [I restrained myself to one chair to begin with. Aren’t you proud? Or, er …shocked?] But now we’ve decided to paint the whole lot over again and then sand it all back down to a perfectly distressed bit of glory.

sanded chair 2

And I sort of have to laugh at myself because I am so anti-sanding before painting (too tedious, yuck!), but I am all about sanding something back after painting it, go fig. But Oh! My! Gracious! I cannot wait to paint this all blue so I can sand it all back down! Wheeeee!

kitchen dining area

Okay, back on track. So here’s the kitchen as it stands today.

Um yeah, that light fixture’s days are numbered. We’re in transition there too… Bear with me.

Oh, and that enormous blank wall? Oh yes, all the supplies but one are already purchased and on-site for that project. Very exciting development coming there.

Okay, so there you have it: the glorious household disarray of a crafty DIYer. [Yes, I have a very understanding and patient husband.]

And–oh my gracious–can I just add: I hope it all looks good when we’re done.

So, anyone else have projects going on around the table? Do tell!


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3 responses to “Evolving Kitchen: I’m Feeling BLUE {the color, that is}

  1. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! Sounds exciting! Please post pics. I go through “spurts” too where I want to paint and sand everything in the whole house.


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