{super easy} Shabby Fabric Flower Corsage

Okay, so remember how on Monday we talked about organizing a class bouquet for your kids’ teachers? well, that was actually the first time I’ve ever made a tissue paper flower. Who knew they were so easy? Anyway, with that rolling around in my head and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought it might be really lovely to make a tissue paper flower corsage to wear Sunday to church and lunch. But then I sort of had a flash of crumpled & torn flower visions… Not to mention I just knew somehow I’d manage to get it wet and would have it bleed all over whatever I’m going to wear…

13 fabric flower

But then I thought–HUZZAH!–why not make a lovely little fabric flower corsage?! So that’s just what I did. And this even meets my trifecta for crafty greatness: Cheap, Easy, and Fast!

01 fabric flower

I grabbed some very thin/lightweight fabric and cut a four 12″ x 4″ strips.

02 fabric flower

Then I cut those strips each into three 4″ x 4″ squares. So I ended up with twelve little fabric squares. [I decided to alternate their stripe direction in my stack:horizontal-vertical-horizontal-vertical-etc.]

03 fabric flower

Rather than curve the edges of my stack of squares once already folded (too thick to cut through) like with a tissue paper flower, I went ahead and scalloped two sides of my squares before folding. [Your scallops do not have to be anywhere near perfect–you just don’t want straight or pointy edges along these two sides.]

04 fabric flower

Then you just accordion fold your stack of fabric squares.

05 fabric flower

Next, tie a length of string (or embroidery floss, in my case) around the middle to secure, leaving tails to use in a later step.

06 fabric flower

And now on to the zhuzhing! Just pull up each “petal” on one side, pulling up and in towards the center.

07 fabric flower

Then repeat petal-zhuzhing for the second half of your flower.

08 fabric flower

Yay! A flower! Now set that aside until later.09 fabric flowerGrab some thin elastic. Cut a piece long enough to go around your wrist and knot.

10 fabric flower

Knot the elastic so it fits snugly (but not tightly) around your wrist.

11 fabric flower

[like this]

12 fabric flower

Finally, using the string tails from the back of your flower, tie the flower to the elastic.

how to make a simple, beautiful, DIY fabric flower wrist corsage

And SHAZAAM! One beautiful shabby fabric flower wrist corsage! Wheeeeee! This would be a wonderful craft for the kids to make for Mom or Grandma or a teacher or anyone special, yes?

So, anyone else out there getting crafty with flowers? Do tell!


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