Another Cute Ruffled Tote {the mommy-ready version}

Remember when we embellished that little tote for Sis?

11 add ruffles to tote after

[She loves it, by the way!]

mommy tote  01

Well, when one of my favorite girlfriends saw it, she wanted one too!

mommy tote  03

So while we were busy with our t-shirt-transformation-party mania, she chose a few lovely fabric scraps for me to use to embellish her tote.

mommy tote  02

Since this is a larger, mommy-sized tote, we were able to fit a couple more rows of ruffles. I decided to sew these ruffles flat (face up on face up bag), rather than right-sides-together then flipped down, as on the original, so the ruffle layers would lay flatter naturally.

I also added a little ric-rac trim to the top and that super easy fabric flower corsage from a few weeks ago (I just looped the elastic around the strap & flower, so she can take it off the bag easily if she wants).

mommy tote  04

But right as Julie dropped back by my house to grab it, I had a brainwave: If she is going to use this tote herself, she could surely use a phone pocket! [I know my purse’s phone pocket is an integral part of its functionality, keeping my phone from falling into the black abyss of my purse-dom.]

So I cut a scrap of fabric deep enough to hold her phone, then I attached it to the inside back of the tote by sewing around both sides and the bottom (leaving the top open to slip in the phone). I used pinking sheers to cut the scrap, so the pocket would not fray without any finishing or hemming of the edges. And I made sure my bobbin thread was white, so the outline of the pocket wouldn’t be easily visible from the outside back.

And voila, instant phone pocket! The pocket is extra wide, so I sewed one more row of stitches to divide it into two pockets, one the perfect width for her phone, and the other great from lipgloss or a pen or two.

Gracious, I do love a bit of cute functionality! My friend grabbed this plain canvas tote bag from Michael’s. It was about $7, I believe, but she had a 40% off coupon to make it even cheaper. Nice! [Of course, you could always make your own easy-peasy tote, too, with this tutorial!]

mommy tote  05

Now I want one for me, too! It’s such a happy little tote, don’t you think?! Wheeeee!


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