The Liberating Limitation Of Fabric Scraps

With basically little to no money set aside for fabric in our family budget, I am not one to run out and buy yards of fabric when a whim hits.

But thankfully, there is a kids clothing boutique near us that has a warehouse fabric sale twice a year (though, sadly, I think this is their last one as the warehouse here is closing).

They sell kitchen-size trash bags of fabric scraps out of huge bins for $3/bag, and some of the “scraps” are ridiculously big, so it is quite a deal. They also sell all kinds of fabric by the yard, trims, and end bolts.

But you might wonder what can be done with a bunch of scraps. Well, I’ll tell you, having very small amounts of random fabric has fueled some creative uses for me. For example, I am working on making initial monogram t-shirts for my nieces, a project for which having small pieces of several different fabrics is perfect.

And with even the narrow amount of fabric from my brown and red microcord end bolts, I am able to cut my pattern pieces for a cute jumper and pants for Sissy.

And lest Big Bro be left out of the crafting goodness, he (and his brother) have all sorts fun dress-up clothes made with scrap pieces, like this pair of Tarzan shorts.

And even Sissy’s ruffle t-shirt and pants I made yesterday were both done using scrap & end bolt fabric.

And I had literally just one scrap piece of this polka dot fabric, but that was plenty to freehand cut this number 2 for Sissy’s birthday shirt. The pants were also pieced from scraps.

And fabric scraps are just what the doctor ordered for an easy-peasy scrap wreath.

And scraps come to the rescue again for a no-sew fabric scrap tu-tu.

Sometimes, what seems like a limitation–like only having small pieces of random fabrics–is really a great exercise in creativity.

So, how is your creativity stretched in craftiness (or–better yet–in “real life”) by what the world would call a limitation?


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