Beautiful Butterfly: Easy Textile Canvas Art

I cleaned out my fabric stash (again) a month or two ago and had gobs of fabric scraps I was ready to let go. I had scraps that ranged from small pieces (about the size of my hand) up to pretty good sized swatches (a couple of feet square). I offered them up to any friends who wanted them, and one of the recipients created today’s beautiful canvas. After seeing it, I wish I would have thought to offer up the scraps to my readers as a DIY challenge! [Next time!]

01 fabric scrap butterfly art

My friend just cut a few different pieces of fabric into little bitty scraps and hearts, grabbed an old canvas, and got to gluing!

03 fabric scrap butterfly art

She used her hot glue gun, but I bet Mod Podge would also work swimmingly (and you could avoid all those inevitable finger burns!). And I might be tempted to coat the canvas with a background color before beginning. But seriously, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this delightful, whimsical piece! I love how she mirrored the design from wing to wing. I think it’s just beautiful in its perfect imperfection. [Now I want to make one for Sissy!]

02 fabric scrap butterfly art

You could do any simple shape in any color fabric… Perhaps a car or crown or truck or cat or plane or heart…! Oh, how about your child’s initials or name? Cute! Or you could do a series of canvases with a number on each… You can custom choose the colors and prints to work with any nursery or room decor. And what a great birthday or baby shower gift one would make! This is another project that reminds me of the liberating limitations of fabric scraps.

04 fabric scrap butterfly art

Well done, Kate! Thanks for sharing and letting me share! Wheeeee!

So, what would you do if a little parcel of fabric showed up on your step? Do tell!


We are all about DIY art here at CampClem… Check it out through the link below! [This link takes you to all the art posts, both the ones with and the ones without scripture.]

DIY scripture art link

fabric scrap butterfly canvas art


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