Bike Painting {the “hotel art” goes under the brush… again}

A few moths ago, I saw this fun bike print canvas at World Market…

01 bike painting inspiration

It hit a lot of the notes for me: graphic but weathered, whimsical, wonderful…

03 bike painting random bird

…Except the random bird flying in stage left. Just weird. He did nothing for me.

02 bike painting inspiration detail

But I snapped a couple of pics, so I could refer to them for a version of my own one day.

04 bike painting

And then that day came!

05 bike painting

I pulled out the hotel art turned nativity backdrop, and went at it.

06 bike painting

There is just something so therapeutic to me about sloshing a bit of paint on a canvas!

07 bike painting bright and scratchy

I started light, then went too bright and the “scratches” I added to the foreground just weren’t working for me…

08 bike painting more muted

So I muted down the background and foreground, and I liked that better…

09 bike painting muted

But after standing there staring at it cock-headed for a bit, I decided to give it another coat of super watery paint.

09 bike painting watery paint

It was practically pooling off the canvas.

10 bike painting salt

Then I sprinkled salt all over the lower/brown area. I knew the salt would soak up the watery paint, and when it all dried, I’d have some great visual texture. [I left it to dry overnight and then rubbed off all the salt the next day outside.]

12 bike painting detail

It had a great weathered, mottled look… But, alas, as any nap-crafty mama knows, sometimes projects get shelved when the munchkins awake…

10 bike painting pause for kiddos

So this painting got put aside for almost a month…

11 bike painting

Then I sort of loosely added a bike…

13 bike painting

I didn’t bother to do all the shading and effects to the bike, but just left it blacked in… [I think partially because I knew this painting is destined for a repaint too!]

Sometimes I wonder why I paint only to paint over. Go fig!


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