Confetti Canvas {sophisticated polka dots?}

I just loves me some polka dots. They make up such a happy pattern. I’m drawn to them like a moth to flame!

And thanks to having a toddler daughter, I feel free to indulge my polka dot passion.  Such a sweet, girly, whimsical pattern!

But when I happened to see someone DIY paint some confetti curtains last week (I’d include the link here, but I completely do not remember where I saw them, sorry!), I thought confetti might be a good subject matter for my paint-and-paint-again canvas…

hotel art brushes progress pillow

Remember, this canvas started its fateful journey as “hotel art”

christmas nativity star painting before and after background

…And then it did a stint as a backdrop for my willow tree nativity…

13 bike painting

…before taking a bike ride in February…

01 confetti canvas detail

…But today the canvas felt a bit like New Year’s Eve with this confetti explosion.

02 confetti canvas paints and brush

First, I painted the canvas all white, then I grabbed some acrylic craft paint (several blues and a mellow orange) and a brush (I used a round foam brush that is intended for stippling stencils but works perfectly for this!).

03 confetti canvas work in progress

I added fewer polka dots at the top and increased the density towards the bottom of the canvas. I added one color at a time, but it went very fast (especially since I did all the blues in succession without washing in between shades)!

04 confetti canvas leaning on wall

And shazaam! Confetti canvas! Of course, I did the whole rotate-to-each-angle, tilt my head, and squint action once it was propped up here on the back of this chair.

I like it! It’s happy, fun, simple, and graphic, wheeeeee!

[Of course you already know the inevitable: this will be painted over! Hmm… Perhaps one day I’ll actually paint this canvas and hang it. And that will be it. I hear some people do such things, you know.]


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