Stuffed Animal Bandana Tutorial {for doggie}

The boys’ Great Aunt Mary sent them these two adorable stuffed dogs years ago.

14 stuffed doggie bandana

Sissy recently commandeered one of them as her own.

01 stuffed doggie bandana

So since her one’s firefighter bandana just wouldn’t do, I let her choose a few fabric scraps to make a fresh girly bandana for “her” doggie.

02 stuffed doggie bandana

Make sure your scraps are long enough to wrap and tie around your stuffie’s neck. [These are about 5″ x 15.5″.]

03 stuffed doggie bandana

Keep the pieces stacked one on top of the other so you only have to cut them once. Cut from about an inch from the left side edge down at an angle to the midpoint of the width of the fabric. Repeat for the right side. Then you should have two pieces that look something like this.

04 stuffed doggie bandana

Then, starting a few inches in from the top right corner, along the long straight edge, sew all the way around, leaving an opening to turn the piece right-side-out.

05 stuffed doggie bandana

[I left about a 6″ opening.]

06 stuffed doggie bandana

Turn the bandana right side out. Push out all the corners (I use a pen with cap) and smooth the bandana flat.

07 stuffed doggie bandana

Fold in the unsewn edge. [I used my thumb nail to score the fold so it stays… But some might pull out the iron…]

08 stuffed doggie bandana

So it should look like this.

Now you are ready for the final step:

09 stuffed doggie bandana

Sew all the way around the edge of the bandana.

10 stuffed doggie bandana

This not only closes the opening but gives the piece a nice finished look.

11 stuffed doggie bandana

And you’re done! Doggie gives it a sniff to see if he approves.

12 stuffed doggie bandana

I love the two fabrics so you get a little peek at the underside.

13 stuffed doggie bandana

Doggie and Sis are elated.

And mommy is too because this project took literally ten minutes from inception to completion!

15 stuffed doggie bandana

Sis is helping the dogs smile here. She tilts their heads in towards one another and says, “Cheese!” Cute. I love that girl. She is five miles beyond completely adorable.

Not that I’m biased.



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