I’m In Love: Super Easy Fabric Covered Buttons

So simple. A nice way to add a quick & easy bit of pizazz to a fabric project. {Can I just confess} I’ve been intimidated by fabric buttons for years. They look so finished and tricky. But as the investment is minimal (a couple of dollars for a four-pack), I thought I should just go for it!

And–oh my gracious–they are mind-numbingly easy to make! Now I’m looking around to see what is just begging for a fabric button. I’m like a bedazzler gone wild.

There are no complicated tools or heavy lifting required. Just grab one of these (below, the buttons come in all different sizes and come with or without the tool–I used the tool for these, but they are easy either way).

Then cut your fabric circle to about twice the diameter as your button face.

Place the fabric circle on top of the clear “tool” then the button front face down on top of it (below left). Next, tuck in the fabric (below right).

Cover with the button back, face-down, and push in to secure (below left). Push the back with the little blue “tool” until it clicks, and–voila–you’re done (below right)!

Just pop out your fabric-covered button and admire your handiwork! THAT took all of about 7 seconds. My kind of project!

You can sew in a short strip of thin elastic to make a loop for the button. [Buttonholes are also an option, of course!]

Wahoo! Now go embellish something!

So what will you add a little fabric button flair to this week?! Wheeeee!


Here, add some of your homemade fabric buttons to these fun, easy projects!


6 responses to “I’m In Love: Super Easy Fabric Covered Buttons

  1. Fabric buttons are super cute but just FIY – they come apart very easily. We rarely ever use them anymore on children’s clothing because they break and we end up switching them out for something else.


    • Hmm… interesting… perhaps a dab or two of hot glue on the back seam to secure? Good to know–something to think about! {can I still be in love? *wink*}


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