3 New {totally cute} Simple-Sew Outfits For Sis

Sometimes I get a wild hair and just go on a bit of a sewing bender. Last week was that week around here, and I was happily puttering around on my sewing machine for several days in a row when time allowed.

01 Sis sew new outfits melon trio

Each of these three outfits employs my handy dandy ruffled pants tutorial. I can whip up a pair of ruffled pants in about thirty minutes, typically, and they are such a sweet staple for a little lady’s wardrobe! I made these peachy-melon pants to coordinate with a dress of mine, then added a fabric flower (you can also read my tutorial for that super easy craft, here) and a few buttons to a white t-shirt.

02 Sis sew new outfits melon bodice sewing progress

But what I really wanted was a more involved top, so I worked on that the next morning, looking at an existing shirt as a guide and for sizing.

03 Sis sew new outfits melon top pinned

I am realizing more and more that I would much rather figure out how to make something from scratch rather than using a paper sewing pattern. Go fig.

04 Sis sew new outfits melon top trio

A little wrinkled after a busy and fun morning at church, Sis rocks the look nonetheless. [On a side note: Too bad that kid’s so camera shy.]

05 Sis sew new outfits melon top

I can only imagine what a shi-shi children’s boutique might charge for a cute outfit like this! My cost? Under $10 total. Hachacha!

06 Sis sew new outfits melon white peasant top

Then, since apparently I am a little crazy, I made a third shirt option for this outfit. This peasant style top started out its life as an old bed sheet. I also added a fabric flower and buttons to its front, just like the tee.

07 Sis sew new outfits aqua trio

That one turned out so cute that I grabbed some cute, fun fabric languishing away in my stash and whipped up another one, this time in aqua.

08 Sis sew new outfits aqua smiley girl

Oh.My.Gracious. This is one of the favorite outfits I’ve ever made for her, I think.

09 Sis sew new outfits aqua

Some friends have already asked for a CampClem pictorial tutorial for this shirt, so I’ll make sure to snap gobs of step-by-step pics the next time I make one.

[UPDATE: Here’s a tutorial for a very similar piece: the knot top. It’s tie-waist makes the measurements much easier, since you don’t have to have a fitted bodice, wheee!]

09 Sis sew new outfits pillowcase dress

My next sewing project was an upcycle.

09 Sis sew new outfits green with brown dress turned pants

I had made this simple pillowcase dress a couple of years ago at Thanksgiving. So the dress became pants!

09 Sis sew new outfits green with brown short pants

The simple peasant shirt is constructed from a large scrap piece of olive green toile. I love it: totally sweet, simple, and adorable. And the dress-turned-pants were okay… But they REALLY needed some ruffles.

10 Sis sew new outfits green brown adding ruffles

And who am I not to oblige when ruffles are involved?!

11 Sis sew new outfits green brown ruffled glory

Sis approves. And I am *loving* the super tall ruffle on the leg hem, YES!

So there you have it, while trying to keep my head above water during these first couple of weeks of school, I have sneaked in a favorite stress therapy: sewing for Sis, hooray!


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