Personalizing Li’l Bro’s Kindergarten Rest “Towel”

When Big Bro went to Kindergarten and had “child size rest towel” on his supply list, I hunted down the thickest, comfiest towel I could find, added some fabric trim, and had it monograms with his name. When Li’l Bro’s turn rolled around this year, he was not even remotely concerned with thickness. But he was ALL about softness.

kindergarten rest towel 4

Thankfully, we found an absolutely amazing blanket at Marshall’s for under $20 to transform. The softest blanket I’ve ever felt, if you could behold the bury-your-face-in-it goodness, you might just go straight back to Kindergarten and try get one for yourself! [You’ll have to ask your mom on that one!]

kindergarten rest towel 1

But this “rest towel” was not a towel… and it certainly wasn’t kid sized…

kindergarten rest towel 2

So I cut it to the proper size and sewed it back together. Then I grabbed a few coordinating fabric scraps and freehanded the letters of his name, which I then attached to the rest blanket with a zig-zag stitch.

kindergarten rest towel 3

I just love its perfect imperfection.

kindergarten rest towel 5

And Li’l Bro is so excited about it, he shared it at his first show and tell. SO cute. Love that guy!

kindergarten rest towel 6

As an added bonus, while he was at school, Sis and I pieced sewed the blanket leftovers into a small lovey-sized blanket to give to him when he got home! WIN!


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