Scrap-Happy Pink & Green DIY Blanket Personalization

Well, since Li’l Bro got a personalized rest towel for school…

kindergarten rest towel 5

…And since I made the leftovers of the blanket-turned-rest-“towel” into a mini one for home…

kindergarten rest towel 6

…and since he GAVE the mini one to his little sis when he was done with the big one and brought it home from school…

sissy personalized blanker 1

…It was time for more fabric personalization!!  So sis chose six pieces of fabric from my scrap pile and I set to work freehand cutting out the letters of her name. [I cut out the letters using pinking shears to help prevent too much fraying… I like a little bit of a rough edge, though, so I didn’t worry about my zig-zag stitch being so tight that it sealed the edges.]

sissy personalized blanket 2

I used a quick spritz of spray glue on the back of each letter to hold them down while I sewed them on, so there was no need to even pin!

sissy personalized blanket 3

A quick zig-zag stitch around the perimeter of each letter and–voila!

sissy personalized blanket 4

Couldn’t have been simpler and took almost no time at all.

sissy personalized blanket 5

AND–bonus!!–it is the perfect width to lay across the end of her bed. So now I can relish the cuteness on a daily basis. Wheeeeeee!

So what ARE you waiting for?! Go grab some fabric and get to cuttin’!!


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