Girlifying A Cute Little Tote Bag

11 add ruffles to tote after

Well, I mean, it didn’t really start out a cute little tote bag.

01 add ruffles to tote before

It was more in the “functional” category of beauty.

02 add ruffles to tote before

But Sis loves using it to tote all her stuff. [She even asked for a mommy hook like I have on the big stroller (which Big Bro lovingly provided by going and digging out one of his carabiners, smart!).]

03 add ruffles to tote fabrics

So I grabbed a few random fabric scraps.

04 add ruffles to tote ruffling

…Ruffled them (here’s my uber-simple ruffling technique if you happen not to have a ruffler foot on your machine)…

05 add ruffles to tote sewing

…And sewed them in three rows (a row at a time) onto the bag…

06 add ruffles to tote first row sewn

[Do the bottom row first, flip it down, then move on to the next.]

07 add ruffles to tote top stitch

…Then top stitched just the top row and called it done!

08 add ruffles to tote trimmed before

…Hmm, well, or almost done…

09 add ruffles to tote trim

I decided to trim up a couple of the rows. It’s summer, right? Short skirts are in, right? …Even on totes? 🙂

10 add ruffles to tote after

Ahhh! Better! Now really done!

11 add ruffles to tote after side

Think Sissy will notice? 😉

11 add ruffles to tote after side'

Hmm, now what else should I cute-ify with ruffles? [Don’t get me started!]


Here’s other girly sewing fun, too…

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6 responses to “Girlifying A Cute Little Tote Bag

  1. So cute! Another tip on making ruffles that may be even simpler and faster: set stitch length to longest setting and set tension to tightest setting, then just sew along the edge of the fabric. That’s it! Instant ruffles without pulling any strings! 🙂


    • YES!! I’ve done that and LOVED it!! But I wasn’t able to duplicate it today, why oh why??? Does it only work on certain thicknesses? Were the stars not aligned?? 🙂


      • I have noticed that some thicknesses do more ruffling than others… And a few times my machine hasn’t registered the tension change, so I have had to reset the knob a couple times. Crazy machines… But that’s my favorite technique! Never too many ruffles!… Or bows 🙂


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