The Five-Minute {rampantly ruffled} T-Shirt Tutorial

It’s a happy day post today for this polka dot, ruffles, and pink-loving girl.

Well, actually, there are no polka dots… But there are ruffles in such abundance as to surely make up for that.

I pulled out a bag of fabric strips (they must be either from when I made Sissy’s no-sew fabric tu-tu or maybe they’re from my fabric scrap wreath-obsessed phase?). I grabbed a few strips I like and one of those handy-dandy garanimals blank shirts I’m so in love with for projects, and we were off!

I laid the strips out in a pattern I liked. [Note: I did not end up using all of these.]

Next, I grabbed my very technical tool–one of the kids’ washable markers–and drew straight lines from top to bottom where I wanted the fabric to go. [Note: the lines do not need to be perfect, but if you are not a decent freehand straight line drawer, use a ruler.] The number of strips you use will depend on their width and how big the shirt is (these strips are about 1.5″ wide, and this shirt’s a 3T). I drew seven lines (one center one and three each side) for my seven strips of fabric.

That way, once the jersey shirt is all wadded up under the machine, you can still easily sew the ruffled fabric in straight lines!

I started each fabric strip near the neck and then bunched up an inch or two of fabric as I went, making sure to stay pretty centered on my marker line, keeping the shirt smooth underneath, and repeating every few inches until the length of the strip is sewn.

Then I continued on, adding strip after strip with the same method, moving from the center out. And that’s it! Quick and simple and adorable imperfection!

Next–fingers crossed–I threw it in the wash to remove the marker lines, and voila!

Now, if it bothers you that the fabric strips all end all different points, simply have a stopping point with your marker lines, maybe in a curve (like drawn above) or a straight line across the bottom. Then just stop sewing when you reach each end point, and trim off any extra fabric. Even though your strips start out all the same length, you are extremely unlikely to ruffle them all to the exact same finished length.

And once I whipped up a pair of cutie ruffle pants in the same pale pink microcord, Sis had yet another adorbs custom outfit for around $5 total! And one with rampant ruffles, no less. Huzzah!

And how cute would something like this be for Christmas gifts? Wheeeee!

So, anyone else out there jumping on the handmade homemade Christmas gift wagon? Whatcha makin’? Do tell!


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6 responses to “The Five-Minute {rampantly ruffled} T-Shirt Tutorial

  1. Crocheting my little fingers off! Completing shrugs for my sisters, and ready to start of arm warmers for the neices and a hat/scarf set for the male offspring’s guitar teacher!


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