{How To Make} Fabric Scrap Pennant Stationery

Itty-bitty fabric scraps + piece of cardstock + sewing machine + five seconds = adorbs pennant stationery.

Just cut out five little triangles from assorted fabric scraps. [I used pinking sheers, but a straight cut works fine too… It’s not like these are going to fray in the wash. Ha!] Swag the little triangles on a slight curve (see how my left side is a little higher than the right side). Then–optionally–secure them a bit if you want (with a quick bit of spray adhesive or a glue stick).

Then sew a straight stitch across the tops of them. No need to lock your stitch–they won’t come undone. And don’t forget to use a pretty color top thread! This project takes all of about two minutes. Wouldn’t a stack of these tied with a pretty ribbon make a great handmade gift? You can get a 50-pack of white or ivory blank, pre-scored notecards and envelopes cheap as chips at Michael’s, too. [Here are some similar ivory ones from Amazon.]

Ah, the lost art of the handwritten note. Sending or receiving one is a great way to chase away the clouds. So on this gloomy, rainy day, I am loving this bright spot!

Now, who to send it to??


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