The Best Banana Pudding: Secret Ingredient

Gah! It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! I love my kids’ teachers! I love a theme! I love dessert! My happy worlds are colliding! With that in mind, here’s a great way to whip up a whole batch of appreciation fast!

First, gather your ingredients: large banana cream instant pudding mix box, 3 cups of milk (for pudding mix), 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 box mini nilla wafers (regular size are okay, too), large tub of cool whip, 7-10 bananas. This made me 20 little solo cup servings of banana puddingy goodness.

I like to fill a tray with clear solo cups because they make for great individual servings. That way you can just easily cruise the school and hand out your sweet loving to teachers. First, put a handful of mini nillas in each cup (about 7-9 each).

Next, make your pudding by combining the pudding mix and the milk. I just set my kitchen aid mixer on low while I move on to the next step. Then, slice about half a banana into each cup.

Now for the top secret ingredient: sweetened condensed milk! Simply add the contents of the can to your pudding and mix for another minute. Then use a small ladle to add a ladle-full into each cup.

After that, add a spoonful of cool whip to each, then top with a few more mini nillas. Voila!

Of course, you’ll want to add a spoon to each for ultra ease…

And that spoon is the perfect spot to add a little message. I printed one page with twenty “We appreciate you!” messages typed onto it, then cut that into strips. I ran my glue stick along each strip then folded it in half over each spoon. Yay! Ready for delivery!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week, friends! You are amazing! You are valuable! You are wonderful!

So, how are you showing your kids’ teachers some love this week?


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9 responses to “The Best Banana Pudding: Secret Ingredient

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