Simple & Happy: Sewn Stationery

I hope you caught yesterday’s post about adding a little extra verve to your snail mail. Now that we’ve got the envelopes covered, what should we stuff them with?!

001 happy sewn stationery

Remember the pennant stationery we made last year? I was inspired once again inspired to pull out my sewing machine to jazz up some blank stationery.

002 happy sewn stationery

So I pulled out my machine and some blank stationery, scrap paper, and hole punches.

003 happy sewn stationery

I played around with different sewing patterns. A simple border around a tag-shaped notecard was simple but cute.

004 happy sewn stationery

Three scalloped circles punched out of red card stock added a nice contrast and bit of whimsy to a light blue note card.

006 happy sewn stationery

And if you are using paper (or even fabric) embellishments, a bit of blue tape to hold everything in place while you sew is a great solution.

007 happy sewn stationery

Just make sure not to sew the tape, then peel it off when you’re done.

008 happy sewn stationery

Then I thought of trying a zig-zag back and forth across the cover of a blank folded note. I changed the stitch with each pass. so fun!

005 happy sewn stationery

Hmm… a bouncing ball! Yes!

009 happy sewn stationery

And my final (and favorite) was a little birdie taking flight. I just twisted and turned the folded note cover as I went to get a twirly trail effect, wheeee! How cute would this be with a bee or airplane stamp or punch, too? Love!

How about trying different thread colors, fun! Or scrapbook paper for added visual texture, yeehaw!

So, anyone else going to sew up some stationery now? Huzzah!


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simple sewn stationery embellishments


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