Snail Mail Happiness: Oversized Labels & Colorful Envelopes

I love snail mail. I love sending it (though I’m sometimes naughty about not doing it more often!), and I love receiving it (oh! especially when there are photos enclosed!). I think it can be a good discipline to write a few letters a month. I especially love to write letters to my Auntie Joan in England. Much to my chagrin, she is not on the internet in general or facebook in specific, so if it’s not snail mail, it’s nothing. [She’s the one whose wedding photo is in Sissy’s nursery.]

happy label letter

I love to use bright envelopes with big avery labels. They have such a fun look, I think, and make receiving “old-fashioned” mail even sweeter.

happy label envelopes

This is a simple & very inexpensive way to add some design flair to your correspondence. Use bright envelopes, add a big label, address with a bright sharpie, and you’re off to the races, wheeeeee!

Any other snail-mailers still out there? What do you love about it? Do tell!


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4 responses to “Snail Mail Happiness: Oversized Labels & Colorful Envelopes

  1. I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you Gina! :o)
    Last week, I sent out boxes of ” spring goodies” to each of my sisters. Their was nothing horribly expensive inside.
    To my middle sister, I sent some outgrown gently loved clothing and accessories ( from my daughter to hers ) springtime kitchen treats in the form of homemade potholders and several items I picked up with coupons, that my family couldn’t use, such as little kid toothpaste with characters on the front. I topped off the box with an Easter card, stuffed animal and of course, coupons!
    My little sissy doesn’t have any kiddos yet. This newlywed received a belated birthday card, Easter card, tote bag, springtime pot holders, coupons, a cozy blanket and some spring presents that I hope said “Hey, I’m thinking of you and wishing you warm and cheery thoughts.”
    In her box, I put happy scented hand soap from B&B Works that said SPRING to me. I included a gift pack for her husband with fancy razor, after shave, shaving cream…since he just got a new job.
    Sending a box of Springtime to my sisters who were in the middle of a snowstorm made me feel sunny inside!


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  3. Gina, I am a snail mailer on some occasions such as vacations and holidays. I always have preprinted labels and stamps in my wallet in case I find the”perfect” card or post card. Since Rob is not big on phone calls, every Friday while at his volunteer post at the Senior Center he writes a note to both Ann and John.


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