Project 3 {heather bailey creative challenge & giveaway}

Okay, well first off, I have to apologize for going blog incommunicado for a few days! We dismantled our computer early Friday, and it is still sitting in pieces, along with our router & network, all over the floor. Good times. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But I’ve finally managed to grab a few minutes to myself to sneak off to a coffee shop and plug in, so–deep exhale–I’m here to finish up our week of Heather Bailey goodness!

I have extended the rafflecopter giveaway to run through Sunday night at 11:59 eastern, so you can still enter, and I will still be adding another goodie–a little bit of stationery goodness, methinks–to the pot soon! [I’d say “Friday,” but I’m feeling like a bit of a fiasco when it comes to getting blogs up on time the past few weeks, so let’s keep it as a nice vague “soon,” shall we?! ๐Ÿ™‚

heather bailey challenge 31

OKAY! So if you have not read and seen all the fun from Heather‘s creative challenge, be sure to go and catch up here

heather bailey fabric beret 011

…and here with the first two projects.

heather bailey challenge 02 letter

So we are on to challenge THREE, at long last!

heather bailey challenge 3 01My words this go ’round were “baby,” “bugs/butterflies,” and “entertainment”…

Wanna see what I made? Craft along with me!

heather bailey challenge 3 02

Grab some pieces of Heather Bailey fabric with butterflies on them, and piece together a butterfly shape.

heather bailey challenge 3 03

Sew the top of each wing to the bottom of each wing, then sew each of those paired pieces along either long side of the butterfly body.

heather bailey challenge 3 04

Cut a mirrored, same size piece for the back.

heather bailey challenge 3 05

With right sides of the fabric together, sew all the way around the outer edge, leaving it open at the top of the body.

heather bailey challenge 3 06

Clip the curved bits, without snipping your seam, so your piece turns right side out nice and flat.

heather bailey challenge 3 07

Turn your butterfly right side out… It should look something like this.

heather bailey challenge 3 08

To make the antennae, take two small strips, about an inch wide, fold them down at one end and into the middle, then folded in half… so basically there is only a raw edge left showing at one small end–this will be tucked into the body of the butterfly next. [I ended up redoing my strips, cutting them longer, like 5-6 inches each… You’ll see why next!]

heather bailey challenge 3 09

Sew down the long side of each antenna to finish them.

heather bailey challenge 3 10

Next, stuff your cute little bug with soft batting through the section you left open.

heather bailey challenge 3 11Once filled, top stitch along the sides of the body and down the middle of the wings, dividing top from bottom. And finally, tuck in the ends of your antennae, pin if needed, and hand sew closed the opening.

heather bailey challenge 3 13

See those cute little antennae? Much better longer! ‘Cause that way they look totes adorbs… and tying a knot in each gives a little baby a PERFECT handle… or chew spot, nom nom nom…

heather bailey challenge 3 12

It is so so so fun and easy to make a stuffed animal for your little one! And with Heather’s delicious fabrics, each piece is super special and beautiful! So I am hoping the will be one happy BABY ENTERTAINED by this BUTTERFLY. Challenge: met! HUZZAH! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And Heather, you have blessed me immeasurably with your amazing generosity and wonderful challenge! I have LOVED doing this!

heather bailey challenge rafflecopter

Please remember to go enter the Heather Bailey giveaway! I made a DSLR camera strap cover for you! (or actually, you could slip it over pretty much any removable strap to add panache!)….And there are two of Heather’s lovely embroidery patterns… AND I’m adding in a stack of loverly handsewn pennant stationery using Heather’s fabrics! WHEEEEEE!

[Due to internet gremlins, I am extending this giveaway until Sunday night, September 14th, at 11:59p.m. Heather Bailey graciously provided the fabrics, embroidery patterns, and challenge in this and day 1 & day 2’s post, but all project ideas and GUSHING over the loveliness of Heather’s fabrics are my own.] ๐Ÿ™‚heather bailey fabric creative challenge and giveaway beret



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