Heather Bailey Creative Challenge & Giveaway: Project 2

And we’re BACK for part 2 of the Heather Bailey fabrics creative challenge. If you need to catch up on how it all came about, see here!

heather bailey fabric beret 001

The project 2 words I drew are “child,” “unexpected,” and “fashion.” I’m so excited to draw child and fashion–that’s SO ME! …But the “unexpected” bit, hmm… What could I craft for my daughter that would be unexpected?? I ruled out ruffle shorts, ruffle pants, knot top, tiered dress, etc., immediately… because those are not really unexpected from me at all!

heather bailey fabric beret 002

So as I sorted through the stack of fabrics and scribbled brainstorm ideas on paper, I decided on a simple yet unexpected piece of clothing to make: a beret! [Maybe it’s all those glorious photos of Paris in my Instagram feed??]

heather bailey fabric beret 003

And as I laid out different combinations of fabrics for it, I decided to use these two unfinished quilt squares (or semi-triangles, as it were). Fun!

heather bailey fabric beret 004

I just added two squares of the solid white background fabric and joined them together.

heather bailey fabric beret 005

Then I used an oversized plate as a guide to cut out a circle.

heather bailey fabric beret 006

heather bailey fabric beret 007

Then I sewed on a folded-in-half long strip of the same background fabric all the way around the circle, right sides together.

heather bailey fabric beret 008

The fold formed a channel for the elastic. I threaded a 1/8″ piece of elastic through. The elastic is just big enough to go around Sis’s head without stretching.

heather bailey fabric beret 009

Then I hand-stitched closed the channel opening.

heather bailey fabric beret 010

For a fun added detail, I made a simple pom-pom with embroidery floss. These are SO easy to make! I put a long piece of floss through the center of the fork, then wrapped each of the three colors around the outside of the tines. Finally, I tied the long piece around all the wrapped section, and tied it tightly as I pulled it off the fork. And voila, pom-pom! I used the long piece’s tails to sew it to the hat.

heather bailey fabric beret 011

This is such a cute, fun article of clothing!

heather bailey fabric beret 012

Perfect for painting in Paris, mais oui!

heather bailey fabric beret 013

Or hitting the links, FORE!

heather bailey fabric beret 014

And with the fall weather cooling down, it’s a perfect light layer to keep my little lady cozy and warm!

heather bailey fabric creative challenge and giveaway beret

Of course, I have a treat for you too! Building on Monday’s post giveaway of a Heather Bailey embroidery pattern and camera strap cover, I am adding another Heather Bailey embroidery pattern, so now the giveaway is valued at $45, with more to be added on Friday. You can keep the loot for yourself, or think ahead to Christmas gifts!

heather bailey challenge rafflecopterGo enter (here), wheeeee!


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