The Summer Shorts Sew-A-Thon {& upcycle-o-rama}

So, whewf, it’s summer at last! Well, I mean, winter’s finally over, and the temps are warming right on up. We made it! So hooray!

But–hello–Sis had maybe one pair of shorts that fit… So…

ruffle shorts 01

I made several pairs of simple shorts (you can use my photo ruffle pants tutorial to make some too, just shorten the length).

ruffle shorts 02

This pair’s hem I left just raw (just cut off with pinking sheers) and sewed on a long raw strip to the bottom of each leg to form an easy, shabby ruffle.

ruffle shorts 11

Once washed, they just fray to absolute stinking perfection, y’all!

ruffle shorts 03

So, I had the green and pink pair from way back here (used as a template for these), and added a green microcord and blue microcord pair. Cutting and sewing several pairs at once made this project go super fast!

spirit wear pillowcase dress

Then I pulled out this outgrown pillowcase dress from January 2013’s post about getting us all geared up for basketball season (yes, I am that mom)

ruffle shorts 04

…and cut off the bottom to make another pair of shorts.

ruffle shorts 05

Just sew the center seams, from the crotch to the bottom of the ruffle on each leg…

ruffle shorts 06

Then insert a right-side-out leg into the inside-out-other leg (so that right sides are together), and sew around the “U.”

ruffle shorts 07

Add waist elastic and you’re done. Shazam. [But again, full detailed tutorial for how to make a pair from scratch here!]

ruffle shorts 08

Of course, the green pair (and khaki pair) I made did not last long without ruffles too. The green got a double layer of raw ruffles (like the blue x2). And just for fun, the khaki pair got a double layer of navy gingham just on the sides.

ruffle shorts 12

That’s a lot of raw ruffle joy going on around here.  Now Sis is all ready to play outside to her heart’s content!

ruffle shorts 09

…Wait, what?! Watching her brothers play Minecraft? Oi.

ruffle shorts 10

[Insert sunshine and water] Ahhhh, much better! Wheeeee!


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