VBS T-Shirt Refashion Time! {sew AND no-sew possibilities}

Oh y’all! VBS t-shirts are out for my church! So, while I am so not a t-shirt girl, I am always up for the refashion challenge! 🙂  As a group leader, I will wear my shirt each day that week, so at $5 for 4-5 days, it’s a low-pressure, high-fun project!

VBS shirt refashion 05

Last year, I made this super simple tank (tutorial here), but the star of the show was Sissy’s dress.

VBS shirt refashion 04

By the start of VBS, we had a whole army of cuteness ready to roll out in ruffled cuteness!

VBS shirt refashion 06

The navy shirts worked well with red…

VBS shirt refashion 07

…pink, green, or pretty much any color or pattern!

t-shirt dress tranformation

In 2012, blue shirts with red print called for red ruffles and striped ribbon!

07 sleeve to pouch simple  upcycle tutorial

[And yes, even the sleeves got used… eventually.]

VBS shirt refashion 08

And I’ve loved refashioning old shirts and–in the above case–travel shirts like this. so fun and easy!

Li'l Bro & Sissy safety green shirts

Maybe match her brothers’ school spirit wear?! [And I’m a huge fan of dressing my kids in matching neon when we’re out at the fair or whatever for easy visibility!]

VBS shirt refashion 01

The boys can have some fun too! Bleach pens to embellish perhaps?

VBS shirt refashion 10

Or add on an iron-on? for the above shirts, I pulled the “Aussie Adventures” VBS logo off the internet, then embellished it with a “crocodile crew” crocodile I drew and scanned in, then printed out on transfer paper (I love the transfer paper for dark t-shirts, even if I am working with light shirts–Avery brand are my fave, found in office supplies at Walmart, Target, office supply stores, etc.). Big Bro got an embellished shirt, and I made my own… in pink, of course! 🙂

VBS shirt refashion 11

Maybe add your child’s name with an iron-on? And–back to the girliness–I have a friend who embellishes her girls’ shirts each year with little rhinestones, fun!

t-shirt to ruffle pants 03

Or maybe turn a shirt into a pair of pants? Add a ruffle for girls. 🙂

VBS shirt refashion 09

Or, if you are looking for another no-sew option, there are some great tutorials out there! [Wobisobi is sort of the authority on t-shirt refashioning, IMHO! Check out her tute for the above vest, and see some of her top t-shirt refashion links here.]

VBS shirt refashion 02

So here’s the back of our shirts this year…

VBS shirt refashion 03

…and the front.

So my wheels are turning! Originally, I thought I’d do this, but that does not work so well with a back printed design… So maybe this? Fun! Hmm…Anyone else out there doing a little t-shirt refashioning this summer? Wheeeee!


One response to “VBS T-Shirt Refashion Time! {sew AND no-sew possibilities}

  1. Do you have the tutorial for the t-shirt dress you yourself are wearing in the picture with your daughter and son who are also wearing VBS shirts?


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