Quick Switch: {blindingly bright} Big Shirt to Little Girl Dress

Okay, am I the only mom who loves to dress her kids in similar and bright colors when taking them to a really crowded place like the fair? It just makes them easier for me to track. And since we moved from one-on-one to zone coverage when we added our third precious one, and since our 2nd and 3rd child could run a small country with their harnessed energy, and since #’s 2 & 3 are also adventurous souls who sometimes don’t stick too close to their mama, I think it’s a reasonable precaution.

Am I getting dangerously close to dressing the family in matching track suits? Maybe. But it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

So, since the boys have pretty much outgrown their lime green tees–my go-to tees for the matchy bright tracking devices–I recently ordered them and little sis safety green tees. Now, I must warn you, that if you are ever so inclined to order safety green clothing, you might want to put on a pair of sunglasses before opening the box.

Anyhoo, I ordered Sis a big one with the intention of turning it into a dress, which I did following the same tutorial I shared back in June when I transformed her VBS shirt.

So when we are out at the next big event, you will know who my kids are. You will find them quite easy to spot. They may, in fact, cause you some temporary blindness. But what are a few scorched corneas between friends?

Ahem, but I digress…

So first I chose which ruffle and ribbon I wanted to use (hmm, pink, pink, or pink?).

Then I cut off the sleeves and neck just around the outside of the seams. These are the no-turning-back commitment cuts. I always take a deep breath when I do them. It’s hard for me to take a pair of scissors to a new, nice piece of clothing! But if I wimp out now, I’m left with a weird 80’s muscle tee.

I always like to go back around the border when I add a ruffle for a nice little finish detail row of stitches. [This keeps a short ruffle from being tempted to flip up, too.] I used pink thread to contrast with the shirt and match the trim.

And shazam, a few minutes and a few stitches later, it’s done! Just thread the ribbon through and it’s prêt-à-porter!
I’m thinking this will look cute will leggings and a turtleneck when the weather cools down too.

Oh, but wait, let me show you a more realistic representation of the retina-searing goodness that is safety green:

There ya go. That’ll wake you up like a big ol’ cup of coffee punch in the face. You’re welcome.

So, you wanna make your own shirt-to-dress transformation? See that tutorial link and other fun, easy girl clothes links below. Wheeeee!


LINK The Totally Fast & Simple Tutorial To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Little Girl’s Dress


3 responses to “Quick Switch: {blindingly bright} Big Shirt to Little Girl Dress

  1. Very fun and I want to tell you that we saw many matchy-matchy families at Disney for the sake of safety, I’m sure. One of the families had matching tie-dyed shirts and the children’s shirts had the classic silhouette of Mickeys round face and round ears appliquéd in complimentary color. The families with red “Thing” shirts (from Dr Seuss) were cute but the cost must’ve been well over $100 for a family of 5, yikes!

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