Sis’s Blank Wall Gains {easy & affordable} Painted Frame Mirror

Sis’s room got a little update recently, thanks to a consignment shop and some paint.

Sis curvy mirror

Sis and I found this gorgeous mirror at LuLu’s Consignment in December and we snatched it up! We’d been looking for a mirror for over her dresser for some time, but hadn’t found just the right one until we saw this.

sis mirror 01

And not a moment too soon for this blank wall in her room!

sis mirror 02

Thankfully, the mirror and backing simply unscrewed from the heavy wood frame, so no taping or other tricks were necessary to keep the mirror in good shape!

sis mirror 03

All we had to do was lay the frame outside and give it a spray! [This piece got a coat at the same time as the kitchen chairs.] I just laid out a $2 Lowe’s plastic drop cloth, then used scrap wood pieces to elevate the frame off the ground.

sis mirror 04

A coat of primer and a coat of creamy white later, it was done!

sis mirror 05

Ahh, much better.

sis mirror 06

I love all the pretty details.

sis mirror 07

And although it is leaning against the wall now rather than hanging, the view is her lovely chandelier, so we won’t complain! 🙂

sis mirror 08

This mirror is a lovely compromise, too, between the more rectangular ones my hubs kept spotting and the super curvy ones I was drawn to. I love that.

sis mirror 09

Of course, no room is ever really “done,” but it’s nice to have another piece in place in her girly, eclectic, collected room. 🙂

It’s all part of making an adorable little girl’s room adorable…on a budget! Wheeeee!

sis mirror 10


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