Twinning Tutorial: 2 Skirts From 1 {for mom & daughter}

Y’all know I have an affinity for cutting up my clothes… And y’all REALLY know I love making clothes for Sis…

green skirt twinning 018

So–let’s face facts–it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Yes. We’re totally TWINNING.

green skirt twinning 001

Tea length skirts can be tricky, y’know? Like, if you show your legs from your ankles up to your calves, then cut them off with a skirt hem, it can give the illusion that your legs just continue to widen at that same angle… And that is not so ideal.

So… If you happen to have an adorable daughter with whom you would also like to twin… And a bit-too-long skirt (like this $3 Goodwill find), you too could do this. Here’s how to make it happen. 🙂

green skirt twinning 003

So, mom’s skirt is easy: just cut off the extra length of fabric (about four inches in my case).

green skirt twinning 003'

Then hem the skirt to knee length. Simple!

green skirt twinning 002

Next grab a piece of fabric (like a 1/4 yard or so would do it, but I cut up an old green jersey swim cover up instead).

green skirt twinning 004

Sew the added fabric into a tube, right sides together, wider than the width of your daughter’s waist.

green skirt twinning 005

Grab a piece of elastic (I’m using 3/4″ wide) and “measure” the right length by holding it around your daughter’s waist without pulling it taut.

green skirt twinning 006

Now for my SUPER DUPER ridiculously fast way to elasticate a waist, just overlap the elastic about an inch where you are going to begin stitching the waistband, at a seam (usually right at the back or side).

green skirt twinning 007

Fold the jersey over the elastic to fully cover it (remember this is the inside of the skirt). Jersey does not fray so I did not even bother turning it under twice to cover the raw edge.

green skirt twinning 008

Pin the elastic to the skirt waist at the quarter and halfway points (since the elastic is smaller than the pre-sewn waist). Then secure the overlapping elastic ends at the starting point by sewing vertically over them through the skirt waist.

green skirt twinning 009

Then, sew straight along the elastic edge with a zig-zag stitch, catching the edge of the elastic, folding down the waistband, and pulling the elastic taut to the next pin as you go.

green skirt twinning 010

[So it might look like this, pulling the elastic as you go.]

green skirt twinning 011

Using a zig-zag stitch allows the elastic to still stretch.

green skirt twinning 012

So, you could just leave it like this–it’s even already hemmed since I cut off the hemmed bottom of the swim cover up to make it!

green skirt twinning 013

Then take the 4″-wide loop of skirt fabric and pin it to the bottom of the new skirt, pinning at the half and quarter points, so you know how much fabric you have to ruffle between each pinned point.

green skirt twinning 014

Remember you’ll have a lot more ruffle fabric than skirt fabric, so don’t panic. 🙂

green skirt twinning 015

I ended up pinning in about 8 spots.

green skirt twinning 016

Then scrunch up the extra fabric as you sew to make the ruffle.

green skirt twinning 017

And shazam! Done.

green skirt twinning 018

She’s all ready to twin with her theme-lovin’ mama. 🙂

green skirt twinning refashion upcycle tutorial

Wheeee! 🙂


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