Kitchen Furniture Makeover {spraypaint & sandpaper}

Okay, so let’s flashback to about August. It was the Big Furniture Paint-a-thon of 2013

1 the big furniture paint before

We had found on CraigsList a rounded rectangular table with a butterfly leaf to replace our smaller round table (to accommodate another person at the table, since Sis was rapidly outgrowing her high chair). The table was in good shape but needed its blonde top refinished, which didn’t bother us because we knew we were going to paint it anyway. The $30 price tag was a steal!

new chair old fabric

Then later–and also from CraigsList–we found these really nice and very high quality arm chairs. The chair fabric was worn and the wood color was honey, but at 2 for $50, we scored another deal!

kitchen dining area

But sadly, once we found the chairs, cold weather hit before we got the chairs painted. *sigh* So our kitchen table and chairs “set” has looked like this all winter long.

kitchen chairs makeover 01

Yes, I am glad spring is here. I think the first day it was warm and dry enough, I dragged these chairs straight out and sprayed them creamy white to match everything else.

kitchen chairs makeover 02

Then the cushions were ready for a little attention.

kitchen chairs makeover 03

I grabbed the fabric for the chairs, the same fabric with which I made throw pillows and a stool cushion. I made sure the fabric was going the direction I wanted, then I grabbed my staple gun.

kitchen chairs makeover 04

I centered the fabric under the cushion and stapled it in the center on all four sides.

kitchen chairs makeover 05

Then I flipped ti over just to make sure everything looked good and the directional pattern was running the right way.

kitchen chairs makeover 06

Then it was time for a staple-a-thon. I worked along each edge from the center out, then paid special attention at the corners.

kitchen chairs makeover 07

First I stapled to within an inch or two from the corner.

kitchen chairs makeover 09

So the corner fabric was ready to be folded back.

kitchen chairs makeover 10

I pulled the flap back and stapled its tip to the chair seat.

kitchen chairs makeover 11

Then folding and stapling, I secured the rest of the corner fabric.

kitchen chairs makeover 12

This will be hidden away underneath and by the chair apron, so don’t hold back on securing the fabric!

[TIP: Staple at an angle outwards to help keep the staples from pulling out.]

kitchen chairs makeover 13

Ahhhhhh, much better! A matching set!

kitchen chairs makeover 14

Hmm… but still not quite there for me.

kitchen chairs makeover 15

…Um, ’cause there is still that one sanded chair

kitchen chairs makeover 16

So out came the sander.

kitchen chairs makeover 17

Oh yes. Now we’re cookin’.

kitchen chairs makeover 18

So between the new fabric and the sandpaper, I am one happy camper.

kitchen chairs makeover 20

I am apparently obsessed with painted distressed furniture. How delightfully predictable of me. πŸ™‚

kitchen chairs makeover 21

I relish the way hitting all the corners, edges, and high spots with the sander makes all six chairs feel well-loved and even more like a matching set.

kitchen chairs makeover 22

kitchen chairs makeover 23

kitchen chairs makeover 24

kitchen chairs makeover 25

kitchen chairs makeover 27

And I love how all the pieces flow now from the living room to the kitchen.

kitchen chairs makeover 28

kitchen chairs makeover 29

[Yes, I know the light fixture is still there, and the wall is still blank… Baby steps, m’kay?] πŸ™‚

But with all that is [always] left to do, I’m so glad to have all the chairs done!

kitchen chairs makeover before and after

kitchen chairs makeover kitchen before and afterOkay, SO, three things:

1. Go get your paint on, and make a “matching set” of your own.

2. Remember to enter the Pick Your Plum giveaway.


3. Please do spoil your kids’ teachers rotten, ’cause it’s National Teacher Appreciation week! Wheeeeeee! πŸ™‚


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