{the conversation I had with} my blue painted stool

So here’s pretty much how it went down…

01 blue stool makeover

I walked into the kitchen and [almost] past the little stool that sits at the end of the counter.

02 blue stool makeover

But then it called out to me for something.

03 blue stool makeover

So I slapped on a coat of muted aqua blue paint, the same as the china cabinet in the other room.

04 blue stool makeover

But the stool seemed not yet satisfied with my efforts.

05 blue stool makeover

So I took to it with a bit of 80 grit sandpaper.

06 blue stool makeover

But I might have gotten a smidge carried away in spots.

07 blue stool makeover

So I added back a little watered down blue to a few over-sanded spots.

08 blue stool makeover

And the little stool seemed to approve at last. So back he went to his spot, looking blue but not feeling it.

09 blue stool makeover

Oh, and here’s Sis, who immediately assumed that my camera must have been out to take photos of her and her little stuffed dog, Super J. See that pic on the right? She told me she was helping Super J “cheese”… you know, by tilting his head a bit. So.Stinkin’.Cute. How did I get this life? I am one blessed woman.

10 blue stool makeover after

So, anyone else out there ever get a wild hair and just randomly paint a piece of furniture? Please tell me I’m not the only one! Wheeeeee! 🙂


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