Before And After: The CraigsList China Cabinet Goes BLUE

I have to laugh now to look back at the post where I announced (with a hint of joking trepidation) that I’d be embarking on painting the CraigsList china cabinet that weekend… Um, did I say “weekend”? Yeah, that’s one thing about having a blog: you are totally BUSTED. It doesn’t take much to do the math: that post was published on May 4th… This one on June 18th. Um… Wups? {Can I just say that I am immensely thankful for an understanding and patient husband??}

Okay, 2 days, 40 days; potato, potahto… But I hope you’ll agree the result is worth it!

Here’s where we started, when I’d almost given up hope of finding the style I wanted on our almost nil budget, with a china cabinet from CraigsList… Jackpot!

Next, we chose a color based on the fabric I fell in love with (some links to those posts at the end, if you haven’t seen them already).

And before you know it (well, ahem, or just over a month later), you have a fun faded aqua turquoisy stormy sea blue china cabinet (what IS that color?? The technical name is “Drizzle.” That’s cheery.)

Okay [I know this might make me a little crazy, but] I just love it.

And the bottom is filled with fabric…

…and fabric projects…

…oh, hmm, ahem… and more fabric… and sewing notions. [Well, at least I’m consistent!] Since our dining room is where I sew, this china cabinet is perfect for double duty as a sewing cabinet too!

Of course, you know what a sucker I am for curvy, chunky legs. But from a practical design sense, too, they work, because your eye can continue on under a footed piece of furniture, making the room feel larger than if the piece were flush with the floor. [See, look how practical I am with my big blue china cabinet.]   😉

And when arranging our formal china in the top, I kept it casual by avoiding too much symmetry, stacking the tea cups & several plates, and adding in a couple of informal pieces (candles and a basket). I think it has a nice asymmetrical balance with several nice little vignettes on the shelves… Of course, I might decide I hate it and change it all around again in a week, who knows! either way, I’m hoping we might actually use some of this china now, some that has been literally untouched since we got married many moons ago.

Now I’m dreaming of taking the room to the next level… with artwork on the walls and drapes… Hmmm… Here’s my virtual concept…

All in all I have to say I’m SO happy we went for it and painted this china cabinet a color. Our Mr. Neutral McNeutralson home is coming to life bit by bit! Wheeeee!

So, anyone else out there ever taken a colored furniture risk? If not, are you going to now?!


Don’t forget to check out where this all started (with the CraigsList find), my furniture painting tips and tricks, and another CraigsList transformation (a 1920’s buffet this time)…


And also check out how we’re working shades of this color throughout our living space…


22 responses to “Before And After: The CraigsList China Cabinet Goes BLUE

  1. Love it! The first piece of furniture I painted was our old, old, old dining table. My great grandfather built it, but it needed a face lift. Did the curtains first, painted the table a deep red to match them. However that was a while back… It is needing some love… Wonder what color will be next?


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  6. gina, how am i just now seeing this?!! I’m sooooo excited for you and the color is phenomenal and i totally love the crafty storage below….you know i forgot to ask how much you got your cabinet for and am so proud of you for holding out for the piece you want!!! yay you!!


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  12. I Love it! Did you have to prep it or Sand this before painting it? My sons furniture needs some attention but I’m really not sure where to start! If there is sanding involved most likely it will stay as is.. Thanks for the inspirations 🙂


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