Before & After: Goodwill Bedside Table Goes Powder Pink

I actually had a helpful use for Facebook’s timeline layout…

I needed to find this “before” photo that I’d snapped in Goodwill last year when I bought Sissy’s side table. I remembered it was close to Mother’s Day because my sweet MIL Janet had sent me $25 fun money with which I purchased this little gem! So I scrolled down to May of 2011 on my facebook timeline, and there it was!

$25 is actually more than I would usually spend on such a small piece of used furniture, but this is the exact style I was looking for (in a dresser for sissy at the time, which i did end up finding on another day), so I went for it!

Umm… It was a throwback of  yellowy creme with shiny gold paint accents. It’s been in Sissy’s room like that for the past YEAR. Fast forward one year and one month from purchase-to-refurbish date and here I am, actually getting around to painting it! Ha!

After priming, I used this pink paint to freshen it up. I got this totally free quart of Glidden in the color of my choice during a promotion last year… I chose powder pink! {Thanks, Glidden!}

…The only problem was it is pretty flat paint, so after the side table was painted, I rolled on a coat of Mod Podge (oh yes I did).

Finally, I misted a little silver then a little white spray paint on the hardware, then sanded it back a bit. I love how it turned out! So cute!

Boy, we’re having a regular furniture COLOR streak around here!

So, have you ever given a furniture piece a new lease on life with paint?


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6 responses to “Before & After: Goodwill Bedside Table Goes Powder Pink

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  2. i have an entire set of this furniture but I’ve been afraid that paint won’t stick or remain semi sticky.
    did you prime or anything?
    looks great!


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