Simple And Insanely Delicious Sausage Rolls {2 ingredients!}

Don your aprons! It’s time to make super-easy & uber delicioso sausage rolls!

My mom used to make dozens and dozens (and dozens) of these every Christmas season, and they would be absolutely devoured by my brothers and father almost before she could get each batch out of the oven. Thankfully, they are mind-numbingly easy to make!

Ingredients: 1 package Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry Sheets (in the freezer section) and one pound of ground sausage (and one beaten egg, optional).

Preheat oven to 350. Remove puff pastry from pkg & set aside to thaw (it will be in two tri-fold pieces; leave folded for now). Next divide sausage into 6 approximately even parts, and roll them out into six “logs” about the same length as the puff pastry. [I usually work on theseĀ  baking sheet liner mats to protect my work surface.]

Once you’ve rolled your six sausage logs, your puff pastry will have thawed enough to unfold the three sections (break along seams)

Now you’ll have this: 6 logs and 6 pastry sheets. [You might need to pause here for a few more minutes of pastry thawing.]

I run the rolling pin over the sheets, but not much–see the unrolled (top) & rolled bottom (piece) for comparison; then place one of your sausage logs on it… Repeat this step for the other five sausage logs & pastry sheets.

Roll the pastry around the sausage, and brush a bit of beaten egg or water along the seam (to seal).

Next, cut each roll into five or six mini rolls, arrange on a lightly sprayed roasting pan (the kind with holes that lets the fat drip down), and cut three slits across each top. Brush a bit of beaten egg along the tops so they come out of oven a nice light brown.

And into the 350 oven they go for about 30 minutes. Oh, the anticipation!!

Then out they come in all their delicious glory! Exercise self-control just long enough to let them cool a bit, then DIG IN!! Yummo!

These are great to wrap up for neighbors, teachers, and friends, too! So let’s get baking, shall we?! Wheeeee!


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9 responses to “Simple And Insanely Delicious Sausage Rolls {2 ingredients!}

  1. Have you tried making up the sausage rolls, freezing them then thawing them out and cooking as needed?
    If so, are they still as tasty?


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