Shirt Collar Refashion {from floppy to fantastic in ten seconds}

I love a good hand-me-down, and this cute Boden shirt from my sister-in-law is so fun with it’s olive & aqua pattern…

BUT… It posed one problem: a floppy collar. You might not be averse to a floppy collar, but I just feel goofy in one–like I’m trying to pull off some sort of seventies look.

SO… I just cut the collar right off just along the seam.

And shazaam: new shirt. Much more my style. More of a beachy tunic look instead of a seventies flop.

And it took all of about ten seconds. PLUS, now I have a fun little scrap of fabric with which to do something, maybe incorporate it into a little coordinating piece for Sissy? Wahoo!

So, anyone else out there thinking of raiding your closet with a pair of scissors, now? Wheee!


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