Man Food for The Big Game Tonight

Let’s face it, I care as much about football as I do about the finer points of underwater basket weaving.

BUT I do love a theme. And I do love my husband. So happy worlds collided when my boys noticed that my hubs had bought tostito chips and queso to eat during the game tonight. I knew that could parlay into a great dinner plan [read: easy & crowd-pleasing]. P.S. Did you know they sell queso in a jar on the chip aisle at the grocery store? Is that gross to anyone else but me??

game food hot wings

So, I am pulling out this bag of frozen chicken wings and a packet of buffalo wings seasoning (hello. 2 ingredients. love that)…

09 sausage rolls hot and ready

…And I’m making some delicious sausage rolls (easy, 2-ingredient recipe here), throwing the chips & queso in a coupla bowls, and calling dinner DONE! Huzzah!

I say, that’s a bit of all right.

Of course, I could add some carrots and celery on the side… but really, who are we kidding? 🙂

In other news, does anyone else out there marvel at the sheer magnitude of sports stats her husband is able to keep in his head? So-and-so played for this team in 1972 when So-and-so coached before he went to this team where the now head coach of that team was then an assistant coach… And so on and so forth ad nauseam…

It’s kind of amazing.

But seriously…

Charlie Brown’s teacher, y’all. All I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Ahem, but I digress.

So, who are you rooting for in the big game tonight? Actually, scratch that. I don’t even know who’s playing. A better question is Do you ever whip up a simple theme meal? Now THAT’s what we really want to know! Do tell! Scroll down to leave a comment…


3 responses to “Man Food for The Big Game Tonight

  1. Ha! I don’t know about meal themes….but I was TOTALLY glued to the TV for all Wild Card Playoff games this weekend. I was actually laughing as I watched countless posts in my newsfeed about Doughton Abby….I was all like ” It’s playoff time baby….who cares about some silly made for TV drama” 🙂 And in other news PACKERS still in it to win it!!!! Whooo hooooo!


    • Okay, totally hilarious, because it took me a while to figure out that “wild card playoff games” is not referring to poker. And playoffs vs. Downton Abbey: not sure WHICH has more DRAMA! Too funny. At least we’ll eat well… Or, um, eat badly (depending on your new year’s fitness resolutions!)… 🙂


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