The Big Furniture Paint-A-Thon Of 2013

Seems like once a year or so, we have backlogged enough projects that need a touch up or complete overhaul that I end up with a big painty going on in my backyard. This year was no different. With Sis moving out of her crib and high chair, we had a little furniture rearranging and redoing to knock out.

1 the big furniture paint before

I spread a couple of plastic tarps on the ground and went about hauling out the furniture (with the help of our trusty nine-year-old, that is!). [clockwise from bottom left:] We had a toddler bed, kitchen table, two little wooden chairs, a side table, two toddler bed side rails, and–not pictured–a bookshelf.

With a big girl eager to exit her high chair and join us at the table for meals, we needed to expand from a round four-top to a rectangular table. My hubs found this table with self-contained fold-in leaf on CraigsList for $35, BOOM. The toddler bed belonged to Li’l Bro, and I decided to leave off the side rails… ’cause it looked cuter that way. The little side table, a Goodwill find, was painted pink last year, but we decided to paint all the furniture in Sis’s room the same creamy white to unify it. The little chairs are old and gorgeous and solid… and if you think it is absolutely a sin that I painted them… you might be right… But they sure do look cute white… So avert your eyes. 🙂  My hubs found those too! What a guy!!

2 the big furniture paint + primer

I pulled out some primer, some semi-gloss paint, my sprayer, and an extension cord, and off we went!

3 the big furniture paint thumbs up

[Umm… wear clothes you don’t mind destroying…]

4 the big furniture paint primed

Even with just the primer, the pieces are totally transformed!

5 the big furniture paint table

So here’s the table as it finished up drying/curing in our garage (I ran it in on my BACK when a freak rainstorm broke out. Feel the burn!).

6 the big furniture paint kitchen table

And I am LOVE-ING the way we are able to spread out more on this big table like never before! I loved that round pedestal table… but I don’t miss it at all! [You can see Sis’s high chair pulled up to the table without its tray… We are still on the hunt for two (or six) chairs to refinish to complete this “set.”

7 the big furniture paint bed

The creamy white totally softens and girlifies the look of Sis’s hand-me-down bed!

8 the big furniture paint bookshelf

And this bookshelf–also a CraigsList find–looks marvelous, so much better than the dark brown wood it started out as! [You can see a before pic of it in this post.]

…But you’ll have to wait until next week to see the bed, shelf, side table, and little chairs in Sis’s new big girl room reveal. I’ll share an updated tour of her used-to-be-nursery, wheeee!

[Update: sis’s big girl room reveal!]

Oh! And one of the best parts? I primed and painted all six of these pieces in a just few hours. That’s one afternoon, y’all. YES! That is the sort of almost-immediate gratification I can get behind!

So, have you ever taken the leap and painted a piece of furniture? You simply must! It’s just too marvelous!


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11 responses to “The Big Furniture Paint-A-Thon Of 2013

  1. I’m so glad we got to see this transformation in process! What fun it was to see you at work. I still maintain that you’re the cutest painter chick ever…with that hot pink top and shorts 🙂 Thanks for the tips and showing me how the sprayer works. Thank you, also, for inspiring me to get started on some painting projects that I’ve been putting of for some time. I might have developed an addiction for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (no, I can’t blame you for that one!). I’ve painted two pieces with it already. Only problem with it is the cost. I just put in an order for some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint too. It should be here on Monday, can’t wait to try it. Will let you know how it goes 🙂


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  7. No sanding? And I’m only going to probably do this once do you think I will get good results without purchasing a spray gun ?


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