DIYer’s Home Tour: Little Girl’s Bedroom

Well, I went and blinked again.

01 little girl newborn

And my little girl is not so little any more.

01 little girl bedroom big girl bed

And since I had been putting her off for months on potty training… until school was out… and until I got her hand-me-down bed painted… and until and until and until… She was super thrilled to see the day come! [Here she is when we first put her “big girl” bed in her room, placed in the same spot her crib had been for the past two-and-a-half years. Total happiness.]

06 little girl room moving furniture

So it was time for a full-on room rearrangement to go with her new big girl status. I was very grateful to borrow a set of furniture moving coasters (you can see some under the dresser above).

07 little girl bedroom rearranging

Those little coasters saved my back and the furniture’s legs, for sure, as I not only moved Sissy’s five-million-pound “closet” (our old TV armoire), but also flipped all the other furniture from its first possibility to its present one.

So let’s take a stroll around the newly updated room, okay?! Wheeeeee!

18 little girl bedroom doors

The door coverings are still working perfectly, so we kept those. They were one curtain panel that I cut into two and then black-out lined to cover the double door windows. They are functional for naps and night time, but decorative (when open) during the day. [You can see how they look cinched open here, in the old nursery post.]

Door curtains: 1 PBK Outlet panel, cut in half and lined with blackout fabric. Total cost for curtains, liner fabric, and mounting hardware: less than $30

19 little girl bedroom dresser

I’m still in love with her dresser, too. I cannot tell you how I scoured CraigsList and yard sales and thrift stores before I scored this.

Dresser: The Pink House, Woodfin, NC $125, already painted the very color I wanted!

20 little girl bedroom blank wall''

The dresser wall is still undecorated. The hanging rail needs to come down, and we’re looking for a lovely, curvy mirror to go over the dresser.

21 little girl bedroom peter rabbit cups

Now that the lamp and changing pad are off the dresser, it is pretty stark, but these adorable little ceramic mugs–one from my mom and one from my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law–are a perfect spot to keep hair bits and pieces.

22 little girl bedroom peter rabbit cups inside

Ponytail holders, clippies, and a little comb are kept within easy reach.

24 little girl bedroom table and chairs with stuffed animals

Then there is this little table and chairs. The table I bought (cheap as chips, of course) and painted a few years ago, and my hubs found the chairs which I then painted during my big paint-a-thon a few weeks ago. I’m seeing lots of tea parties in our future there.

Table: LuLu’s Consignment, $11 + paint

Chairs: Sweeten Creek Antiques, Asheville, NC $25 for pair + paint

25 little girl bedroom floppy adorableness

And I love that we can display a few sweet stuffed animals without them taking over the space.

08 little girl bedroom bookshelf

Of course, it can’t all be display; we’ve got to have some function, too! This freshly painted CraigsList bookshelf is great for toys and books. The shelf is working very well because her favorite toys and blocks and books are within easy reach to get out (and clean up!) herself.

Bookshelf: CraigsList, $25 or $30 (I forget which!) + paint

09 little girl bedroom bookshelf baskets

Although, I’m thinking about the baskets situation… I might make new liners for them, and/or paint the baskets, or maybe even make some new baskets more custom to their spaces… We’ll see!

09 little girl bedroom baby dolls tucked in

Of course at night, there are a few babies and doggies who ask to be tucked in next to the bed, in front of the bookshelf.

10 little girl bedroom twin to toddler sheets peek

Next is her big girl bed. I decided to leave off the side rails because it looks cuter. And see that standard size pillowcase? It goes to a twin sheet set… which will soon become a toddler sheet set. Stay tuned for that!

Sheet Set: Target, Love and Nature sheet set, $17.99

Quilt and small pillow: Pottery Barn Kids, Penelope crib bedding, left over from nursery

12 little girl bedroom sleigh bed curve and closet

[Her bed has a lovely little sleigh bed style curve. I am dreaming of wrapping the headboard and footboard with a little foam and making a tufted fabric cover for them. How adorable would that be?!]

toddler bed: Walmart, toddler sleigh bed, hand-me-down from Li’l Bro + paint

[background] “closet” armoire: Bassett, our old TV cabinet + spring rod in top to hang clothes, ~$10

11 little girl bedroom bed and side table

And the little Goodwill table (which was powder pink) got another coat of paint and is a perfect bedside table.

side table: Goodwill, $25 + paint

lamp: Goodwill, $3 and shade (already had) + trim hot-glued on, ~$2

13 little girl bedroom bedside table top

Of course, she needed a little spot to put her accessories, ha! And this gives us a perfect spot for her glasses when she sleeps. The bunny accessories dish is actually a pillar candle platter that I’ve had for about fifteen or twenty years.

14 little girl bedroom bedside table  ducks bunny

And the Korean ducks are happy here too [I talked about them a bit in the nursery post.]

15 little girl bedroom lampshade detail

Oh, and her lampshade: I love! Amazing what a little crochet trim and ric-rac can do for an old shade.

16 little girl bedroom art

The art is still going strong. This simple Pottery Barn Kids knock-off art is staying right where it was, and now hangs over her bed.

artwork: canvases around $16 total (if memory serves), paint brushes, paint, mod podge, scrapbook paper, & fabric on hand

17 little girl bedroom decorative storage

And then, on to the matter of a little creative storage. This room does not have a closet, so our old TV armoire has a curtain rod in the top for hanging clothes, and storage (one side) and toys (in the other) in the bottom.  But on top, there is some prime real estate for storage and display: a rocker from Ba, a quilt from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, a little lamb from aunt, a little doll from family friend, a mouse stuffed animal from aunt namesake, a hand-painted sign from brother’s teacher, etc.

28 little girl bedroom after close up

So hooray, yippee!! Big girl room!

27 little girl bedroom after

She loves her updated space.

26 little girl bedroom with big bro

Phewf! Now let’s play some CandyLand, y’all!


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