Cleaning Out (& dancing)

We are just about to put our house on the market–we’re building again, in our same neighborhood! [A four-bedroom rather than our three-plus-bonus.]

fall and moving dining room

But I will really miss our home! It’s beautiful, open, has incredible light… *sigh* Many projects with many friends have been completed at this table!

But our next home looks like it might actually have a craft & sewing space. YES! You read that correctly. A creative place for this uber-creative mama!

Aaaaand cue a little happy dance. Hit it, Kool.

[Yes. Thanks, Kool *fist bump*, Gang *high five*.]

But in the mean time, there will be a little bit of a few unsettled months while we sell this home and await the new home’s completion.

fall and moving new home foundation[Anyone want to take in a tidy couple and their three adorable children in the interim between the two? Good times.]

And we just couldn’t have chosen to start this process in the summer, when schedules were light and the days were long. No, we’re diving in at the height of our busiest time of the year! Ha! 🙂

It’s easy for me to be tempted to get bogged down in the details and the disarray.

So I’m remembering this:

fall and moving jeremiah 29 11Phewf! Here’s to hope and a future!


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