Birds Of A Feather {simple DIY embroidered pillow}

Sis has the cutest little Pottery Barn Kids bedding in her room. The style is called “Penelope,” if memory serves.

00 swaddle to pillowcase upcycle

Well, the little pillow sham I made a while ago compliments the set really well… But when I went to change her pillow sham this week, she said she didn’t want this one because “it doesn’t have birdies on it.”

bird embroidered pillow 01

[Here is a shot of her PBK Penelope quilted pillow sham.. with birdies.

Well, I’d just love to act like I was all put out and huffy over that, but really I was more like, “You want a birdie on your pillow? I love that! Let’s do it!”

bird embroidered pillow 02

[Since the sham was in the wash,] she chose a birdie she liked from her quilt and we set to work!

bird embroidered pillow 03

Hello, simple shape! This one’s hard to mess up if you want to give it a whirl, really! I cut a scrap of pale pink microcord, same color but different material from the ruffle on this pillowcase, in a sort of half moon.

bird embroidered pillow 04

I cut the edges with pinking sheers then left them raw. I pinned it where I wanted it on the pillow and sewed it on about 1/4″ from the edge all the way around.

bird embroidered pillow 05

Then i grabbed my borderline-ridiculous stash of embroidery floss and set to work with a pretty pink and a light tan for all the details.

bird embroidered pillow 06

For the beak, I started at the top of the beak, close to the head, sewing from the back down to the center. Then I pulled the thread up at the bottom of the beak and back to the center again. I continued this pattern, sewing from the inside to the inside of the beak, gradually making my stitch length smaller so the beak would end in a point.

bird embroidered pillow 07

For the eye, I just did a few basic stitches close to each other. Then for the wing, legs, and tail feathers, I used a simple embroidery technique:

bird embroidered pillow 08I started my [knotted off end] thread under the fabric and pulled it through where I wanted my leg (wing, feather) to begin. I did the first stitch normally, but I came back up where I wanted my next stitch to end. Then I pulled my needle back to the underside right where my fist stitch ended. When I came back up, I did so two stitch-lengths later…

BASICALLY, I went two steps forward underneath, then one step back on top, always pulling my thread up where I wanted the next stitch to end.

bird embroidered pillow 09

So here it is again with the feather. I am coming up past the stitch that is still loose, and once I’ve pulled that thread, I will plunge back down through the end of the last complete stitch (then back up two stitch-lengths later).

bird embroidered pillow 19'

[Here are the tail feathers after a wash.]

bird embroidered pillow 10

This was a fast and easy project to complete. Hooray!

bird embroidered pillow 11

The boss checked my work and heartily approved.

bird embroidered pillow 14'

The great thing for me, too, about leaving these edges raw is that I knew they would just get the teensiest bit ruffled in the wash.

bird embroidered pillow 15'

But I knew this birdie would be okay with getting her feathers in a ruffle.

bird embroidered pillow 20'

I just love a good frayed edge!

bird embroidered pillow 21'

I imagine the bit of fray to be downy soft feathers. BUT if that’s not your thing, it would be really easy to zig-zag stitch around your bird body or use the same technique I used for the little boy tie shirt to get finished edges.

bird embroidered pillow 16'

Now this pillow REALLY goes with her bedding.

bird embroidered pillow 18

And that sweet girl must have thanked me about a gazillion times since then for putting a birdie on her pillow.

bird embroidered pillow 13

You’re welcome, Sis. xoxox


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