Onesie To Monogram Applique Pillow {upcycle}

Well, you know I love a good repurpose and upcycle.

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 01 mandi and sis

So when our adorable friend and babysitter Miss Mandi asked me about possible project ideas for her friend’s daughter’s old onesie, I was all over it!

make owl shirt new again

Of course, the simplest way to renew a child’s outgrown shirt is to cut out the design and sew it to a new, bigger shirt.

13 picture frame pillowcase tuck in shirt

Or I suggested doing a slip-in picture frame window pillowcase like I did for Big Bro, if she wanted to keep the onesie intact.

bird embroidered pillow 16'

But in the end we landed on cutting out the decorative part of the onesie and making it a pillow case applique.

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 02

Mandi chose the most lovely soft yellow fabric to compliment the faded yellow, brown, olive green, and pink of the onesie monogram.

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 03

We hemmed either end of the yellow fabric by turning under twice and sewing. Then we figured out where we wanted our back slip in opening to be (so that we would know where the center of the front of the pillow is for the applique). [A flange-edge decorative pillow sham is super easy to make–here’s my tutorial.]

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 04

Then–deep breath–we cut out the onesie’s monogram. I just cut it out roughly, then trimmed it up after it was detached from the rest of the onesie.

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 06

Since we had figured out roughly where the center of the front of the pillow is, we zig-zag stitched around the end of the cut-out monogram to attach it to the pillow face (this is before sewing the pillowcase).

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 08

Then, we sewed the pillowcase form (by folding it into itself so the folded over opening was at the back and the monogram was centered on the front–again, the pillow sham tutorial explains all). I love to add a super simple flange by sewing all the way around the perimeter of the finished pillow. For this one, I sewed a straight stitch about a 1/2″ from the edge all the way around. It’s a great detail that really adds a lot of finish detail to a super simple project.

onesie pillowcase monogram applique 07

And there you have it: a beautiful pillow AND keepsake! Wheeee!

onesie pillowcase monogram applique upcycle


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