Flowering Gift {with extra blooms}

This end-of-school year for our class gift, we wanted to do an all-meat, no fluff present. [We’d already hit the sentimental note during Teacher Appreciation Week with the funny memory book.]

flowering gift extra blooms 01

We sent home a note inviting families to participate, much like we did for this group effort. Then I choose a pretty flowering hanging basket from Lowe’s and added a few extra “blooms.”

flowering gift extra blooms 04

I found a simple flower image through a google search and printed it out onto colored cardstock. Then I cut out the flowers and glued them to simple pockets (formed by stapling folded pieces of cardstock). I holepunched holes in the bottom and top of the pockets and pushed a kabob skewer through each to make a floral pick “stem” for each gift card “bloom.”

flowering gift extra blooms 03

[You can see where I stapled each side of the pocket here, which is just folded cardstock.]

flowering gift extra blooms 02

Then I tucked in each giftcard from our teacher’s favorite places. And it was as simple as that! [Our PTO has teachers fill in a “likes” questionnaire each year and then gives them to the class coordinators, so helpful!]

flowering gift extra blooms 01

This was pretty AND chock full of giftcards so the teachers can get JUST what they want! HOORAY! 🙂  What did you guys do for teacher gift this year? Do tell!


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