Wait, I Can Explain…

Okay, so when I opened my eyes at about 6:00 this morning, I had great intentions of putting finishing touches on a post and hitting “publish.” But here we are, seventeen hours later, and still no post.

tinkerbell hair bun

But let me explain. Because, you see, I asked Sis whether she wanted her hair down or in a ponytail. And she said. “Tinkerbell.” So… Um… Tinkerbell, it is. A little bun on top takes care of that.

denim lace ruffle pants

And she mentions her legs are cold, so I whip up these. They are so cute that now I think I really need to make a pair for myself, so I add “fabric store” to my errands. [Um, note to self: Throwing on a pair of leggings would have been a lot simpler.]

Sis curvy mirror

Of course, she ends up not wearing the pants today anyway… But we are out the door to run an errand… But when I drive by LuLu’s Consignment, I think to check if we have a consignor credit, which we do (score!). And, after Sis uses the restroom (which has to be unlocked) and then uses the restroom again (literally as soon as we walk out and the door clicks) and THEN asks the lady at the front desk for a piece of candy (you know, since they’re on such close terms after all this restroom unlocking?? and for which, by the way, the clerk walked all the way downstairs to get for her!!), we check out this mirror.

And y’all, after months of searching CraigsList for just the right one to go in Sis’s room, I decided we had stumbled on a WINNAH! It’s perfect… We’ll change everything. It will get a coat of creamy white. Update to follow on that once it’s all done and up.

possible DIY art

Oh! And I also considered these. Aren’t they FABULOUS?! Well, fabulous in their DIY makeover potential, that is… Hmm… We’ll see. I’m imagining them transformed for our dining room, either side of the china cabinet like in the mock-up I did at the end of this post, or maybe with family photos like here?!

organizer before

Um, but perhaps almost as unappealing to me in its “before” form was this little gem of a letter station waiting to be made-over and repurposed.

organizer progress

A coat of paint is already improving its appeal.

So you see, there was that… and kids and hubs and God’s Word and meals and homework and grocery store and a little girl nap and finishing up Christmas decorating and putting away laundry… The day just ran out of hours.

Actually, although I do not have the proper post I’d almost finished preparing for you today… I have at least three new before & after posts in the making thanks to today… You know, since I have so much free time and all… So that’s still coming out ahead, kind of, right? WHEEEEEEE!

LINK the surprising answer to what inspires

LINK before and after the craigslist china cabinet goes blue

LINK hubs' frames get a makeover


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