Mixed Fabrics & Ruffles: A Christmas Outfit

Hey! Look what I made this weekend!

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 02

It’s a totally cute little top…

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 01

…and it just HAPPENS to go just marvelously with the denim and lace ruffle pants I made a couple of weeks ago.

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 04

Seriously, I LOVE having a girl for whom to sew! This is very like the tops I’ve made so many of this fall, but this one added the extra bit of plaid + buttons + ric-rac detail on the bodice and the tie-back at the waist, all lovely opportunities to add more fun pattern.

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 03

I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone a little bit with the mix of fabrics and patterns… denim knotted straps, muted green microcord, red paisley, and a couple of plaid all seem pretty at home together, thankfully.

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 05

Glad all those fabrics could be chums! OH! And of COURSE the top has a “pockit”…Two, actually. Nice and roomy with a bit of elastic across the tops to ruffle them up.

[Update: Here’s the full photo tutorial on how to make a knot top.]

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 06

And I made it big so she can wear it next year and maybe the following year too… A tie-back waist cinches it to just the right size!

Mixed Fabrics Christmas Outfit 07


Meanwhile, I am absolutely in the middle of a major kids’ par-tay week with celebrations for all three kids going on at school. LET’S DO THIS!

And then, starting Friday at noon, I will have all my kids home for almost two full weeks, and I will be one happy mama, indeed!! Merry Christmas to ME! {And Merry Christmas to you, too!}


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