Yes, I Have A Screw Loose {in my sunglasses}

Okay, my eyes are light sensitive and if I’m caught out in sunlight without my sunglasses, I usually look like some crazy, eye-watering vampire, squinting against the glare.

sunglasses screwdriver hack 01

So you’d think I’d clue in and have like 10 pairs of sunglasses tucked all over the place… But I don’t.

sunglasses screwdriver hack 02

SO, as I climb into my car and pull out my specs from my purse and notice a loose screw (…Which will no doubt lead to a lost screw… Which will then lead to a one-arm sunglasses look until I can get to Target to buy a cheap replacement pair…)…


I don’t panic. I go all MacGyver.

sunglasses screwdriver hack 03

I look in my console to see what “tools” I have at my disposal and make use of this pencil eraser. The rubber tip provides the perfect friction to act like a mini screwdriver.

sunglasses screwdriver hack 04

Though after looking a little worse for wear, this eraser has served me well several times to tighten rogue screws. SCORE!

See, now you won’t have to spend money on a new pair of sunglasses!

So you can spend it on something much more important…

Justin Bieber backpack

You know, like a purple and black “swag” Justin Bieber backpack?

You’re welcome.



4 responses to “Yes, I Have A Screw Loose {in my sunglasses}

  1. This spoke to me for a few reasons 1) I wear sunglasses when it’s cloudy 2) When a pair breaks I’m frantic and 3) there’s a purple swag backpack shaped hole in my heart. This is the kind of gift I have been waiting for. Thanks for writing and for your good humor!


  2. Put a dot of clear finger nail polish on the screw to keep it in place. The polish will act like a see-through glue.


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