My Old Shirt Goes “Holly Hobbie” For Sis

Sometimes the best source for fabrics and trim is right here in our own home… in my own closet…

holly hobbie 01

So I guess when I started giving the crazy eye to this old top, it knew its days were numbered.

holly hobbie 02

I had a gut feeling that it would make a marvelous bit of something for our just-turned-three-year-old, so I took the cutter to it.

holly hobbie 03

Then I whipped up a little lined bodice and added the bit of cut-off shirt layered over a “tube” of some of the same fabric as the bodice. [You can find the full photo tutorial for how to make a similar dress here.]

holly hobbie 04

So now my old shirt makes for a lovely apron-pinafore detail for this new dress.

holly hobbie 05

Then since chilly weather is on its way, I added a pair of ruffle pants with navy cord, then dress fabric, then a little eyelet trim to tie-in the look from my old shirt.

holly hobbie 06

The back of the bodice/dress top has a simple elastic loop and button closure.

holly hobbie 09

But let me assure you that the ONLY thing this girl really cares about in her mother’s sewing efforts is this, “Duz it hav a pockit?”

holly hobbie 07

Umm… okay, so the pocket was a quick addition at the end.

holly hobbie 08

And there we go: everybody’s happy. 🙂

holly hobbie 10

This dress will last us well into warmer weather if we skip the turtleneck and pants.

holly hobbie 11

Wait Sis, come back! I’m blogging you! *happy sigh* And she’s off, giggling as she goes. Ah well.

holly hobbie 12

Yes, yes, quite right, Sis. Much more important business at hand.

holly hobbie 13


holly hobbie 14

Well, there you have it, a new outfit for Sis using an old shirt of mine, huzzah!

So, any pieces in your wardrobe getting the crazy eye? Do tell!


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