My Rad New Craft & Sewing Toys

For my birthday last week, my hubs got me some neat-o crafty-sewingy swag… And when I say “my hubs got,” I mean *I* got exactly what I wanted and then took it home for him to wrap and give to me. 😉

…Because you can imagine how his eyes started to glaze over a teensy bit as I started to give him a description and send him in search of a “self healing mat,” an “acrylic quilting ruler,” and a “rotary cutter.”

When doing a project like cutting fabric for cute little pennant bunting thank you notes, I would usually just use scissors. But my new toys tools made this little project go faster than ever! And {thankfully} the rotary cutter even has a sort of safety button that tucks away the very sharp blade when not in use… You know, for when your almost-two-year-old assistant suddenly lunges for it when you are taking a photo! Yikes!

A little box of A-2 sized colorful blank notecards (from Michael’s), a few triangle-cut fabric scraps, a row of stitches, and VOILA! You’ve got yourself some awfully cute custom thank you notes!

And although I am being in no way recompensed for saying this: If you are a crafty-sewingy fabric (or paper) cutter, you might want to ask for these fun tools tucked under the tree this Christmas! Wheeeeee! [Um, but P.S. Fiskars company, if you are reading this and did want to send me a whole slew of craft toolage to try out, I’d be happy to accept it and will not complain, not even a little bit.]

So, what are your favorite sewing or crafting tools? Do tell!


Oh! And here’s a link in case you’d like to make your own easy fabric pennant bunting stationery…


13 responses to “My Rad New Craft & Sewing Toys

  1. Yikes, I had no idea you were sewing and crafting without those tools! So does that mean you don’t have the decorative cutters for your rotary cutter?;-). Endless possibilities! Hugs.

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