Teacher Gift Idea: Class Thank You Book

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time again to think about our teachers. We have been blessed to have a number of  exceptional teachers throughout the boys’ preschool and grade school years so far. So it is a treat and a joy to always be on the lookout for ways to bless them.

I think a thank you memory book can be a nice way to say thank you during Teacher Appreciation week or at the end of a school year. Here’s how to do one!

teacher memory book 01

First, send out a [stealth] note to your child’s class. Either fold over and staple the note, or put it in an envelope. Write “family of [classmate]” on each note, so if anyone is absent the day they are distributed, the absent child will receive one upon his return. Ask for notes from kids and/or parents or drawings (depending on the kids’ ages), etc. Make sure to mention that this is a surprise and provide a way for people to get the notes to you (you can include an envelope labeled “please give to [your child]’s mom,” so families can simply return the notes to you through your kids).

teacher memory book 03

Also, ask for a photo of each child (or, if you are very involved with the school, you might be able to stealthily get permission to snap photos of the kids).

teacher memory book 02

Then, it’s as simple as gathering a few supplies: scrapbook (I scored this 11″ x 11″ scrapbook on sale at Michael’s for $3!), colorful 11″ x 11″ cardstock, extra filler pages if needed, glue runner or two-sided tape, and [optionally] a trimmer or scissors (to trim as needed).

teacher memory book 04

Then all you have to do is attach the drawing and/or letter and photo for each student to a page (or a couple of pages if needs be).

teacher memory book 05

I hope this is a meaningful way to communicate how much we treasure our preschool teachers this year!

teacher memory book 06

And I like to think that some of the preschool “alums” will come back in future years and look through this book.

teacher memory book 07

In addition to the kids’ pages, include an inside cover page with the school year dates and class roster. I hope the teacher will have a laugh as they look back at the cute and silly and sweet and crazy personalities they had in their class this year and SMILE. 🙂

This is usually a bittersweet time of year for me: sad to see my kids grow and move up from another great team of teachers but thrilled for the countdown to summer and having all my kiddos home! Wheeeeeeee!

So, do y’all have any big end-of-school-year teacher gift plans? Do tell!


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5 responses to “Teacher Gift Idea: Class Thank You Book

  1. Gina, Can you please send me your stealth letter? Did you have them send them in a regular envelope and fold them? I’m off to Michael’s to find two scrap books!!


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