Home Tour: Rise & Shine Cafe, BBQ Dive {and other brilliant DIY folk art}

Do you know my friend Beth (you know, of tangerine desks and lemon yellow pallet coffee table fame) has done redone her master… and her headboard is an old trailer cover. Seriously. I’ll get back over to photograph that makeover soon.

Meanwhile, let’s take ourselves a little art tour of her fun and fabulous house, shall we?

folk art 5b

Okay, so originally I went to Beth’s to take pics of this great piece.

folk art 5f

It’s several planks of wood with a projected-then-painted rooster image.

folk art 5g

It has such a great old timey cafe feel. It makes me feel like rising and shining! It’s perfect for their eat-in kitchen!

folk art 5a

Of course, I’m easily distracted, and you know this light fixture caught my attention.

folk art 5c

I can include it in this art post because it is a work of art! I love the huge jars, some of which have a slight blue tint. Lovely.

folk art 5d

Of course Beth’s engineer husband built this as well as building and painting the rooster art. He’s sort of obnoxiously talented like that. Bit annoying really. Not sure I can stay friends with them. 🙂

folk art 4b

Well then, of course, you remember the study nooks from the last time I was there. Over each of the kids’ desks hangs a personalized digital art piece with his/her name and attributes.

folk art 4a

Totally sweet.

folk art 7

And the art for the kids doesn’t end there. Their son’s room is a superhero theme, and besides adding blue=painted board and batten, there is also a skyline and searchlight a la Batman.

folk art 6

And lest their daughter be left out of the DIY art goodness, she has a huge cut out dark stained plank wood mustang rearing up from behind her bed! Love it!

folk art 8

In the hall, there is an old ballot voting box attached to a piece of dark-stained wood. The magnets have the family’s names, and the slots on the right have space for a pad and paper. So they can “mail” notes to each other and leave a magnet on the red ballot box to show when a person has a note waiting.

folk art 9

In the living room, they’ve made a four-panel cherry tree silhouette painting on beadboard. He freehanded this, but you could also duplicate the look using a projector.

folk art 3

Then in their wonderful family room addition, this little boy plays in the corner.

folk art 3c

It looks large enough to be a garden sculpture.

folk art 3b

The scale and subject matter are just lovely.

folk art 2b

But this 3′ x 4′ canvas painting is my favorite. They used a projector to sketch the image onto the canvas. It is in the office, but visible from the family room through the antique wooden glass paneled doors.

folk art 2

This piece has sentimental value too. Andrew’s Bar-B-Q is where David asked Beth’s father permission to marry her about twenty years ago. How sweet is that?

Now I’m thinking about another art project for our house!

Anyone else out there have DIY art in your home? Do tell!


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