Tangerine Study Nook Desks & Yellow Pallet Coffee Table {my brilliant friends week}

I went over to my friend Beth’s house a couple of weeks ago ostensibly to snap a couple o’pics of the DIY art in her kitchen… Meanwhile, about 200 photos later, I had canvased her recent add-on family room and office, living room, kitchen, laundry nook, and kids’ rooms. Wups.

But that’s what she gets for living in a house filled to the brim with DIY loveliness and brilliance. Enjoy!

01 yellow pallet coffee table 03

Okay, let’s just start here: smack dab in the middle of Beth’s family room addition.

02 yellow pallet coffee table 01

That, friends, is two pallets stacked together with a coat of yellow paint and a set of casters added to the bottom.

And It.Is.Genius.

04 yellow pallet coffee table 02

Perfect in its imperfection. [And don’t even get me started on that old corner store coke fridge in the background that is their TV console.]

05 yellow pallet coffee table 06

And the casters. Gush. Coffee table surfing, anyone?

06 yellow pallet coffee table 08

Of course, beyond the coffee table and other lovely modern and antique collected pieces are two tangerine desks, of course. What else?!

07 study nook bennett 03

There’s one for each child. Complete with custom digital “personality traits” artwork and corkboard.

08 study nook closet

When Beth and her husband built this addition, they wisely added this closet right on the center of that wall. Which sounds a bit daft, I guess, to build a closet right in the center of a wall,  but it actually intentionally created two perfect little study nooks for their grade school age kids, a daughter and a son.

[And pssst, P.S., that solid wood five-panel door came from the Habitat For Humanity HomeStore for $30. The typewriter came from Sweeten Creek Antiques in Asheville, NC, and the typewriter table came from Screen Door in Asheville, NC. The black and white floral chair came from Office Max.]


09 study nook bennett 09

And the two desks are vintage finds with plenty of storage painted a delicious tangerine color called “Field Poppy.’ [This desk was just $20!]

10 study nook lg 01

The sleek white chairs came from Ikea. [Wups! The chairs actually came from Pottery Barn.]

11 study nook lg 03

Without even being asked, Sis thought demonstrating Leah Grace’s desk in action was an excellent idea. [The Ikea-esque lighting above the desks came from Lowe’s or Home Depot.]

12 study nook lg 02

While Bennett’s desk has more masculine lines, LG’s is more feminine and curvy.

13 study nook lg 04

Which I LOVE. [Is anyone else swooning with me right about now?]

14 don't even get me started

Seriously, their whole addition–and house, for that matter–is chock full of thoughtful, collected, upcycled, antique & modern, functional, beautiful furniture and DIY wall art. [Don’t even get me started on these antique doors they snagged off CraigsList from a seller in Stuckey, SC, for $40 and installed with this awesome industrial hardware that allows them to swing both ways.]

15 don't even get me started

[And definitely don’t get me started on that marvelous high gloss stained concrete floor.]


I’ll have to show you more some time from this house: the murphy bed they built for their son, the amazing handmade pallet and gas/water valve desk, the old metal ballot box they use to write notes to each other, the giant wooden horse cut out on their daughter’s wall, and the fantastic funky wood slat folk art.

Beth seems to have mastered the art of blending antiques and vintage or found items with ultra modern pieces and finishes. Seamlessly. How does she do that?!

Well, whatever her secret, I’m finding myself inspired to build and paint something! Join me? Wheeeeeee!

{Many thanks to Beth for allowing me to invade her lovely space to relish and share the DIY goodness. Thank you, Beth!}


Wanna see MORE from this house?!

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