How To: DIY Fence Plank Scripture Art

We built a fence last year (and when I say “we,” I mean my husband and his engineer friend), and it has been one of my favorite additions to our house. It somehow makes the yard feel bigger, and I feel better just releasing the boys out there without my direct parental supervision. Thankfully, we kept a few spare planks, so one day on a whim, I grabbed them out of the garage, screwed them together, and made a scripture art piece using them as a canvas.

First, place two pieces of cut wood across the back of four 6′ pickets (I’m using a scrap/cut fence picket), one near the top and one near the bottom. Make sure your four 6′ planks are lined up how you want them, then secure them together by screwing through the back piece to the front (make sure your screw’s not so long that it goes all the way through and sticks out the front). Use two screws per 6′ plank to secure each at the top and at the bottom (so 16 total screws, top 8 numbered above; do the same with the bottom eight).

I wanted the four 6′ pickets to all be similar but not identical in color, so I mixed up my colors all in the same [paper] bowl, adding a little blue or white or green to tint the blue for each plank. {P.S. This is a great moment to invite your kids in on the painting action…}

I free-handed my lettering, but I laid it out with Microsoft Word using the same (but scaled) dimensions so I’d have a reference to look at as I went. Thankfully, the pickets offered some helpful spacing guides: for example, since “love” has four letters, I knew there would need to be one letter per picket).

I leaned it against the wall, but I decided I wasn’t sure about the all-beige writing…

…So I just went back over a few of the words in blue or white. Better. And SHAZAAM! Done. [Almost] instant word art. [Um, I don’t know what that rogue snowman is doing in my shot.]

And as an added bonus, this piece serves to remind me of Galatians 5:22-23, what I can expect to reap when I walk by the Holy Spirit! Bonus.

Love! Joy! Peace! Patience! Kindness! Goodness! Faithfulness! Gentleness! [and] Self-Control!

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll end up singing things like “if you want to be a coconut, you might as well hear it: you can’t be a fruit of the spirit” for DAYS… {Psst, here’s that song here is you fancy a [highly addictive] listen over on youtube.}

So, what’s the kookiest thing you’ve even made into a canvas? And what are some ways you keep God’s word displayed throughout your house?


Ready to create some art of you own? Here are some other tutorials and inspirations you may enjoy…


4 responses to “How To: DIY Fence Plank Scripture Art

  1. I love this idea especially with a Bible verse. I am always looking for way to incorporate scripture all over the house. The Bible says Deuteronomy 11:20 to write scripture on your doors and gates. This project accomplished this. You may want to visit


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